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154. The MIR-Method and Arthrosis — 1 Comment

  1. Hi, since I stopped eating animal food 25 years ago, all joint discomfort went away. But I want to tell you about my mother, 97 years old, living alone still. Because her feet hurt, she does have arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, I rubbed them with some special oil. Meanwhile I said supplement all shortages 3x and the mir~EHBO because she was having digestive problems. The next morning I had to take her to the hospital where they found that she had an imbalance in her blood. Now a week later, she is back stronger and talks about returning to her house. I feel that it was good that she underwent various examinations. It appears that her heart, her brain, and her stomach are okay. This hospitalisation also got a lot of attention from the grand and greatgrandchildren, I think she needed that. LIFE GIVES US WHAT WE NEED EVEN IF WE THINK DIFFERENTLY. Tx Mireille for this method.

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