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154. The MIR-Method and Arthrosis — 3 Comments

  1. I believe that MIR left me to a fasting lifestyle. I’m 14 days into eating whole foods, I’m not binge eating, I’m off flour.
    I’m detoxing years of harmful eating.my body is releasing stored sugar

  2. The MIR method has helped me in so many different ways! And now my daughter and friend use it also. Thank u Mirelle for giving us this healing method!

  3. Hi, since I stopped eating animal food 25 years ago, all joint discomfort went away. But I want to tell you about my mother, 97 years old, living alone still. Because her feet hurt, she does have arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, I rubbed them with some special oil. Meanwhile I said supplement all shortages 3x and the mir~EHBO because she was having digestive problems. The next morning I had to take her to the hospital where they found that she had an imbalance in her blood. Now a week later, she is back stronger and talks about returning to her house. I feel that it was good that she underwent various examinations. It appears that her heart, her brain, and her stomach are okay. This hospitalisation also got a lot of attention from the grand and greatgrandchildren, I think she needed that. LIFE GIVES US WHAT WE NEED EVEN IF WE THINK DIFFERENTLY. Tx Mireille for this method.

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