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  1. Questions about doing the MIR-Method
    1. How long do I need to do the MIR-Method?
    2. What should you do after 4 weeks of the MIR-Method?
    3. How bad is it when you forget doing it for a day or more days?
    4. At what moment of the day do you need to do the MIR-Method?
    5. Can I do the MIR-Method more often than 2x a day?
    6. Can you do the MIR-method only 1x a day?
    7. When do you need to do only step 5 and 7?
    8. I often get distracted while saying the 9 steps. Do I have to start again?


  2. Stroking the hand
    1. Can you also stroke on the inside of your hand?
    2. Does it matter in which direction I stroke?
    3. Does it matter if you stroke with your left hand or your right hand?
    4. Can you stroke on your clothes?
    5. Can you change hands while doing the MIR-Method?


  3. Pronouncing the 9 steps
    1. Do I have to say the 9 steps out loud, or can I say them in my mind?
    2. I do not think I need to do all 9 steps. Can I leave out some steps?
    3. Can I add steps to the MIR-Method?


  4. Physical or emotional responses caused by the MIR-Method
    1. How soon can you expect responses from your body when you start doing the MIR-Method?
    2. I am getting complaints, is something wrong?
    3. I am so tired since I started doing the MIR-Method, is that normal?
    4. I notice nothing at all. Does the MIR-Method not work for me?


  5. Doing the MIR-Method for others
    1. Can I do the MIR-Method for someone else?
    2. Can I do the MIR-Method for someone else without asking?
    3. Can I treat someone from a distance with the MIR-Method?
    4. Can I treat my pet or animal at a distance with MIR-Method?


  6. I have a disease, can I do the MIR-Method?
    1. I am under supervision of a specialist. Is it wise to start doing the MIR-Method?
    2. I usually respond very sensitive to treatments. Can I endure the MIR-Method?
    3. Can I use the MIR-Method if I am receiving chemo therapy?
    4. Can I use the MIR-Method when I am receiving hormone therapy, considering step 6 of the MIR-Method?
    5. I use medication or need anaesthetics. Can I use the MIR-Method, considering step 2 Detox all toxicity?
    6. I need to have surgery, can I use the MIR-Method during that period?


  7. Can I do the MIR-Method when wanting to become pregnant, being pregnant and/or breastfeeding
    1. Does the MIR-Method help to become pregnant?
    2. Can I do the MIR-Method when I am pregnant?
    3. Can I do the MIR-Method in the months that I am breastfeeding?


  8. To use MIR-Method for addictions
    1. Can you overcome addictions with the MIR-Method?


  9. MIR-Method with animals
    1. How do I treat my animal or pet?
    2. I can not touch my animal, how can I treat it?


  10. To know more about the MIR-Method
    1. Where can I find all information about the MIR-Method?
    2. Can I receive more in-depth information about the MIR-Method?


  11. Can I contribute in spreading the MIR-Method?
    1. Can I contribute in spreading the MIR-Method?
    2. I would like to publish an article about the MIR-Method, can I do that?
    3. I would like to publish the MIR-Method on my website. Do you have a text for that?


  12. Does the MIR-Method work with…..?
    1. We never know in advance whether the MIR-Method can solve all your complaints. Neither do we know how long it will take for you. We collect all the results we receive from people who have successfully healed their complaints. That’s why we see what the MIR-Method does for people. What you can count on, is that the self healing power of your body and subconscious is activated again. Considering the large numbers of success stories, it is most certainly worth giving the MIR-Method a try. Good luck!

  13. I can’t find the MIR-Method for kids, babies and young adults on the website.
    1. The MIR-Method for kids, babies and young adults are all replaced by the 9 steps. The reason is that all the work really should be done by the adults. Once the adults are letting go of their issues, the babies, children and young ones will relax. If a child really has health issues, then it MUST do the 9 steps and not any of the other versions.

  14. My question is not here
    1. When you still have questions that have not been answered here, send your question to one of the MIR-Method coaches.