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  1. I thought I was the only one suffering from these symptoms. I couldn’t understand why I never run a high temp when I have infections including covid. I feel chills but no high temp. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome. I am mainly housebound. My temp is always one degree lower than standard. Definitely something to this, especially when lots of other people are suffering from the same.

  2. Hi, I only recall having a fever 2 times prior to 18. When I was in 5th grade and sick for 3 weeks, never diagnosed and in 9th grade with mono, sick for 3+ weeks again. After the mono I quickly developed fibromyalgia. I didn’t know what it was until I was diagnosed at 18. I was constantly taking medication thinking I was always sick with body aches and fatigue.
    I have so many chronic conditions now that have developed including chronic fatigue. Seeing this article really excites me. I’m looking forward to trying it. I try to stick to healthier options for healing because I have been on western medicine since 12 years old.

  3. I had one high fever as a child. Never another. If I am 98 degrees I am uncomfortable . Always tired, at 55. I have a 32 year old daughter the same as me.

  4. As a baby and small chil I have had a dozen ear infection leading to perforated ear drums. Each starting with tonciltis. I have also had pneumonia and major sinus infections without fever. My mother had a perforated colon after an MVA for a week before it was discovered. She was 33, septic went from skinny to looking like she was having a baby, oriented to disoriented but no fever. We both are chronically tired/fatigued. I don’t know if this means anything but I feel sufficiently warm but my skin is always cold. Only when I brush against something warm do I feel cold. My mom and I have also hot flashed our entire life’s without fever.

  5. I’ve never run a fever. Would get strep throat, tonsillitis and mono. Every year strep and tonsillitis, one in the winter and one in the summer. Since I never ran a fever but felt absolutely terrible, like crawl to the bathroom bad, they finally decided to put me on antibiotics and take out my tonsils. Had a lot of other problems but the sinus infections got a little better. I’m scared to have the covid shot because my body won’t fight anything off.

    • I had mono myself as a child for 3 months and I never recovered. If I was to run a fever, it’d be extremely high. I myself am scared to get any vaccines as I get sick constantly with a ‘come and go’ type feeling. Really sick one day, fine the next. Because I never run fevers I’d be sent to school without any actual effort to find out what was wrong, so I think that had an affect. I wonder what this strange constant sickness means…?

    • Never had a fever in my life. Im sick all the time and Dr.s cant figure it out. Mine is heritary.
      When I tell Dr.s I never have a fever they ling at me like I am lying.

  6. I am a 53 year old female that is always tired and have never run a fever. What to ask my dr.?

    • Dear Kim,
      I don’t know what you could ask your doctor. Maybe you could ask if he/she sees any correlation between fatigue and no fever? Or maybe you could print this article and give it to your doctor?
      Greetings and wishing you a nice fever, if necessary!

  7. Hi Mireille,

    I just want to say thank you for all that you are and all that you do! Thank you for vibrating the wonderful energy of love! I am very grateful that my awesome natural therapist, Katherine Bidnyk, recommended your method! I am looking forward to join your live seminar on April 2nd.

    Sending you much love & light!

  8. I am 42 and I have not had a fever in many years and even recently went through a bout of peritonitis after hysterectomy/ruptured abscess and needed emergency surgery to drain my abdomen. I did not get a fever until a few minutes before surgery and it was 99.3. I usually run around 97.4-6. I have had strep a few times as well as pneumonia over the past 3 years with no fever. I suffer from chronic Lyme symptoms, told there I had a high tiered reactivated case of EBV, and have struggled with stage IV endometriosis altogether for past 8 years. I have the resources to deal with these chronic illnesses but obviously do not have the cure. I have always wondered how I could have these infections, feel feverish, and NOT produce a high temp. In fact, I’ve wondered if not being able to have a fever is a medical condition as many doctors dismiss infections without presence of a fever or elevated blood count. I am really interested in learning about your method because right now my go-to protocol involves using a sauna when feeling really intensely symptomatic. Now after treatment involving hysterectomy and double oopherectomy for acute endometriosis I am experiencing crazy hot flashes that seem to be more intense when I am exhausted and it’s only been 2 months since last ovary removed so I am trying to weed out what are hot flashes and what may be problematic Lyme/EBV symptoms that have flared because of all the surgical trauma and pain involved with the endometriosis. I have had 4 surgeries in the past 14 months for this disease (I could not withstand hormone treatment) and have had 11 surgeries in past 8 years including also removal of gallbladder. Never a fever. I am a second grade teacher and also have caught so many viruses with also no fever…?! The sauna has been my only successful relief but I do not have one yet so I have to use a neighbors in town which feels complicated. It would be nice to have another tool in my chronic illness tool box.

    • Same here. I feel tired so often, it’s overwhelming. I also have Hashimotos . I can have strep, ear infection, even had COVID with no fever. I also have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Dry eyes and mouth every day. I’ve had these all for a while, but didn’t experience this level of exhaustion since the last year. If I go out one day, I have to rest a whole day afterwards. I know that I’m 74 , but this is ridiculous!! I’m going to have a thorough talk with my doctor soon!!

  9. Hi, the last time I remember having a fever (higher than 99.1) was when I was a child I was very sick with the flu. I couldn’t get out of bed for days, and I remember my mother putting cold cloths on my head and trying to spoon feed me broth. I am now 55 and get sick a lot… but never a fever. I get sinus and chest congestion frequently, along with fatigue and body aches. I use 2 types of inhalers. I did immunotherapy injections for “allergies” for 2 years. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last May. My bloodwork indicates Epstein Barr at one point. More and more females in my family are being diagnosed with some sort of immune disorder. I just want to enjoy life and not want to curl up in a ball all the time.

    • Dear Steph,
      Isn’t it interesting how the absence of fever may be one of the causes of the dianoses? I hope you will want to give the MIR-Method a try and ‘un-curl’ the ball and enjoy your life again! The MIR-Method may help you to rebuild the possibility of creating a fever.
      I wish you increasing health! And a good fever!
      Greetings, Mireille

  10. So I can have a sinus infection along with a double ear infection and strep . Never get a fever. Always have to demand a test. However only way to tell is if my blood pressure rises. That will tell u if I’m in pain or have an infection. I also have low blood pressure so what’s high isn’t abnormal by statistics. If I do have a low grade fever usually means I’m more than I’ll. Thoughts??

    • Dear Alice,
      Please give the MIR-Method a try and see if your body starts to be able to create a fever when needed.
      Use it minimally four weeks. Hope to hear from you in case your body starts to run a fever.
      Greetings, Mireille

  11. I’m 47 female and Ive thought when have I ran a fever. I’m sick now.Im so weak and pale. NO fever. Is it Corv19? But,I remember four times in the past I’ve been near death sick and no fever. The last time they should have kept me in the hospital but I was sent home and couldn’t walk.I was near death.I got cut with something and that had some kind of bacteria. It was no slice . Something like a paper cut on my c section scar.But,I know if I would have had a fever that I would have been treated sooner and or been kept in the hospital.The pain I when thru was unbearable at home.So,there’s been other things like losing a baby and having my uterus burst due to infection,no fever.Go home,I did.I woke up on in a pool of blood and lost the baby. And the way to carry children. So, why are doctor’s always thinking you have to run a fever to be sick. I’ve had head injures in DV issues and I’ve thought that might be why. But,I was like that as a child. But, this time I’m sick it’s the weakness.So,I feel like I’m sick but where?.But, if you can change the view on doctor’s and fevers I send my thoughts with open prayers and blessings. J. Lesperance

    • Dear Jennifer,
      Thank you for sharing your incredible and harsh life events. Maybe in the long run doctors will understand that with some people the body doesn’t create a fever. And that their diagnoses will change. Hope very much that you will get better soon! Do you use the MIR-Method to guide yourself and strengthen your immune system?
      Greetings, Mireille

  12. I never get fevers. My normal temperature is 97.4. It has been as low as 94 at a doctor’s office. I’ve had infections requiring antibiotics and other illnesses that normally cause a fever, but no fever for me. I always am concerned that I might have COVID-19, and that Doctors will say I don’t because no fever. I’m 73 and 50 years ago I had liquid silicone injections in both breasts. In 2009 and 2010 I had mastectomies due to silicone migrations and pain. No reconstruction yet. I’ve been a diabetic for over 20 years. Mild kidney disease. Fatigye sooo bad that I can’t keep my eyes open. Is there any hope or help for me? Oh, I have hypothyroidism, also. And low blood sodium. And high bloid pressure. Plus, remaining silicone throughout my body. Thank you!! Hope someone can help me!
    Mary MacDonald.

    • Dear Mary,
      You can give the MIR-Method a try and see if it may relieve you from symptoms. It may take quite a while, though, considering the illness you describe. Because the MIR-Method starts working on the root cause of the problems. If you would like to speed up the processes you can ask for a consultation with one of the MIR-Method guides.
      Good luck and I wish you ever improving health!
      Greetings, Mireille

  13. Hi am Jane, am 19 and I have never had a fever, what should I do pls.Because after reading this article am a bit scared,pls I need your help.Tnx.

    • Dear Jane,
      Please don’t be scared, but understand that your body has its reasons to not create fever. When you start using the MIR-Method you will work on the causes of not having fevers. And after a longer period of time, your body will be able to have fevers again. That is, if your body NEEDS to create fevers, because maybe it will just become more healthy every day!
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille

  14. I’m a 40 year old female from the U.S. and only recall having a fever one time in my life. Even the one time I remember having the flu in college the highest I remember it getting was 100 F. Which technically is not a fever, but it is for me. I know at 6 months old I had an extremely high fever when I had viral meningitis. I have always suffered from chronic fatigue and migraines. In 2012, I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease that affects the autonomic nervous system, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Dysautonomia. Both which led to more issues like gastroparesis and occipital neuralgia to name a few. I have had pneumonia and been critically ill countless times, still no fever though.

  15. Hi— I am a 76yr old female. I have never run a fever since 1962, when I was was in Nurse training and had pneumonia. Even at that time, all I had to do was to lay down flat, without taking any medication, and the temp would go away . I have many bouts of pneumonia since then but never run a fever. My mean temperature is usually 36.4. When I’m not feeling well, all I have to do. is stand up from a sitting or lying position, and I will suddenly feel extremely cold.
    In the past years, I was diagnosed with M.G. At that time I was booked to have my Thymus removed, but I was nervous about it so I ask for a second opinion. since then , I have received many different opinions….yes I do have M.G. , no I don’t have it. the reason I mention this, is to know if this could be a contributing factor to my lack of a temperature?
    I also have IBS which has only gotten much worst over the years.
    I hope to hear your ideas on this.

  16. Alright, well I am a 33 year old female and I literally never get sick nor fever my body temp is usually always 35.4 sometimes a tad lower an no do not feel cold at all I know strange right ? I have all year round allergies and that is it . My ex husband had the swine flu back in 2009 I took care of him and I never caught it ‍♀️ I have had so much blood work done and everything is normal but yet I’m extremely tired all the time I was told by doctors I have fibromyalgia because I’m always , always in chronic pain I have a lot of nerve “issues” symptoms very long list. I also have IBS and anxiety.. my doctor thinks it is very unusual that I never literally ever have a fever nor even get sick but yet does not investigate further. People say your just lucky , I get it I’m grateful BUT it doesn’t seem “right” to me at all makes no sense. I am also oddly allergic too vast majority of every single antibiotic and I know this how because I get chronic allergies all year old that tend to give me sinus infections and only antibiotic I can take is Doxycycline BUT oddly enough I have symptoms of being allergic to it when I do take it so I’m screwed right ? Lol so I just keep my year round allergies at bay and I have been fine . I literally could go on and on about my symptoms etc what I deal with on a daily but I’d end up writing a book lol anyone have input ?

  17. I am 58 and a female, I am always sick…no matter how sick I get I,never ever run a fever. I eat terrible,. But I have been trying to,get healthy. I am tired all the time but can’t sleep without medication for 20plus years. I have a ton of abdominal,digestion issues and many other diagnoses. It’s been at least 20years since I have run a fever…maybe longer.

    • Dear Ann,
      Wouldn’t it be a good idea to ask for a consultation with a MIR-Method coach? She can help you understand what your body is trying to tell you. And what you can do to speed up the healing process.
      Greetings, Mireille

  18. Just another soul with the situation. any of you have the habit of nose picking? and any hormonal imbalances?
    Has anyone did MRI of hypothalamus and pituitary to see if there’s anything abnormal?

    Trying to figure out if there’s a pattern. Like all of you i feel helpless too. let’s see if we can find this out together.

    • I had chronic low levels of testosterone due to an addictive habit(you know what). because of that i use to get migraines and cluster headaches and hair loss. i suffered with low energy for years and it lead to some immune related disorders. until i figured out its the testosterone level.

      I then stopped that addictive habit and gave my body time to recover. I took testosterone supplement for 10 days and boom i got a fever. y’all could check your hormone levels. basically hpa and hpg axis modulates immune system. get that back to normal and you’ll be awesome.

    • I had this problem for years. when i traced it back it started when i started using minoxidil. It could’ve altered the way androgen receptors function and that might’ve suppressed the immune system. I have no clue. But everything got back to normal once i stopped that product.

  19. I have never ran a fever in my entire life. Not even as a child. My mom said i would go from perfectly fine to seriously sick at the drop of a hat. No clue i was sick and never ran a fever.

  20. I have all symptoms of Corona….starting yesterday. No fever. Not short of breath…just coughing. I feel I can’t go to Er for testing without fever. I can’t remember the last time I had a fever. It was as a child. I’m 64. I do have the chills….horrible chills.

    • You say you have “all” symptoms but you are just coughing. Thats one. coronavirus symptoms are the same for cold and flus so you really wouldnt know which you had. Testing is not necessary, sick people should quarantine themselves all the time anyway, even before this outbreak. The flu kills many people every year. Coronavirus is not that different and you can recover just like a cold or flu. You only need to go to the doctor if you cant breathe and even then, diagnosis of cv19 doesn’t change treatment.

      • Alison, please stop spreading misinformation… you are entitled to believe whatever you want, but you need to understand that spreading false data like that can put other people at risk.

        That being said, yeah… having a cough without a sore throat, or fever, or shortness of breath, is not having all symptoms of Covid-19

  21. I never had a fever. My appendix bursted in my late teens…and I remember the surgeon telli g me that I am unusual d/t not having a fever. I am always fatiqued. I am 50 now. What should I watch out for?

  22. 45, never had a fever My temp actually drops when I am sick. Not related, I don’t sweat either. I will pass out from over heating first. Has anyone heard of this?

      • Same here and I m 32. No fever at all since ages and I bearly sweat. I do get cold more than hot and I suffer fatigue and body pain too.

  23. Hello im 35 i have not had a fever in 6 years. The last one was 6 years ago when i was in Labour with my daughter. Im always tired and seem to get the flu every year no matter what i do but never fever not even when i had bacterial infections.

  24. I’m 52 and have never had a fever. Even when I’m deathly ill and in the hospital with infections (MRSA). My daughter has also never had a fever. I’m always tired. I knew this wasn’t normal but had my thyroid checked and my hormones and I do have an auto immune disease – Hypothyroidism. My body aches and I hate complaining when I’m sick because the first thing people and doctors do is try taking my temperature. I would love an explanation – this is so frustrating to know you are sick but no one believes you because you’re not running a fever. I’m glad to know that we’re not alone.

  25. I’m 25. Female . And I haven’t had a fever above 99 since I was 9 years old . In the last 2 years I have had the stomach flu twice . And influenza twice . Neither of which involved a fever . I currently have covid-19 without a fever but severe cough and shortness of breath . I’m always tired . No matter how much sleep I get or what I do . I’m always tired . And I’m always sick . Before covid-19 I had been sick for 3 weeks. My body doesn’t know how to fight off infections or illnesses . The only thing that happens excessively to my brain when I am sick are migraines . It’s like they never stop when I am sick .

    • Nicole…sorry to hear U are so sick…take a look at your diet , what vaccines U have had and how much U are on mobil devices..
      all these contribute to a low immune system..with the internet U can research how to balance your body and get back to health…

  26. Hi
    I am immunocompromised and ever since my Tcell count fell to 65 in 2004, I have not had a fever. I have had pneumonia a few times and still no fever. My doctor does not believe me and says I probably get one, I just do not realize it. I have taken my temperature at my sickest and the highest it got was 99.1. I can get cold chills and sweat and feel like I am fevering but my temperature never shows it. My Tcells are at 424 (very highest since 2004). I do not want to stay sick and would love to heal my body and release any negative energy that may be causing the malfunction of my hypothalamus.
    Thank you

    • 99.1 IS a fever. I don’t think 98.6 is actually the correct “normal”. Mine is 96.8 always. I don’t know anybody else who actually has higher than 98 but i don’t really go around checking everyone i know. What is your normal temp?

  27. Unbelievable, Never guessed there were so many of us. Granted I have 2 very rare syndromes. KFS,EDS along with chronic stage 2 hypertension & stage 1 emphysema but I have no energy but don’t sleep much. I had a fever only once that I can remember in almost 50 years and that was the a bad strain of the flu. I have had multiple abscessed rotted roots of my teeth at the same time for many years and never have I had a fever nor do I feel dental pain. All my teeth are root canaled and crowned without the use of novocaine. 9 blown cervical and lumbar disc plus SI joint dysfunction and I take 1x15mg oxycontin a day. Wonder if anyone else has a high pain threshold with the none fever issues?

  28. I’m pretty much the outlier in anything medical, but decided to respond anyway. As a child, I had cancer 3 times and then a bone marrow transplant at age 12. I have many late effects from the chemo/radiation including an extremely low immune system. With normal illnesses where people usually get fevers, I never have them. It’s almost like my body says, “nah! We aren’t going to fight that.” My whole body does shut down though and I am SUPER tired any time I am sick. I always am embarrassed and think people think I’m being dramatic anytime I just get a cold because the toll it takes on my body. I am tired all the time even when I am not sick, but it’s 10 times worse when I am sick. Obviously because of my history, I know it could be a number of things, including the fact that cancer survivors are usually tired. If I could figure something out that actually helps a little though, that would be great!

  29. I’m a 52 year old female and have not had a fev6in several years. I never had one when I use to get frequent UTIs and I did6even have one when I had appendicitis. I have chronic fatigue. I stared seeing a Naturopath and he said my immune system is not responding properly. I stared searching the web for more information and found your page. It’s amazing how many people suffer from this. Hoping the best for everyone!

  30. I’m 42 years old, female, and I have never had a fever in my life that I know of. I’ve had seriously sick kids, I’ve cuddle them and had them all over me. Not once have I had a fever, strep, flu, a cold, or anything. I’ve literally never been sick ither then a headache or belly ache here and there and an occasional sinus infection. I am always tired though. I’ve been to the dr over constant fatigue and they cant fi d anything out. My blood work is always good, hormones are good, and whatever else they check, though I am low on iron occasionally.

  31. Im in my 50s and have had no fever in 30 years possibly more. I get sick but-never with fever. I also suffer with chronic fatigue.

  32. Hi sir my name is mahesh I never had having fever past 8 years.its any problem.
    I have a devation nasal septum problem and sinus problem also there

  33. Hi my name is Michelle and I am 49 yrs old I have had multiple surgeries and unexplained illnessess for 30 yr+ and just this weekend I’m currently in the hospital they diagnosed me with adrenal insufficiency and I have never had a fever, I almost died, the doctor I was seeing was accusing me of faking my illness. What would you advise me to do from here

    • Dear Michelle,
      Please, first of all, deal with the hurt of being accused of faking your illness. That is really painful! You can use the MIR-Method and put your hand on the spot where you can feel the hurt (probably in the middle of your chest, area of heart chakra).
      Since you are in good medical hands now, you can continu using the MIR-Method and also consult a MIR-Method coach to look for the root cause of the adrenal insufficiency. Your body is showing you something you need to deal with.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille

    • Mine is between 96.3 and 97.3. The only time I remember it higher was 99 when I was pregnant.

  34. I’m 54 Male, had cancer snd other issues now resolved. I havent had a fever in years even when I was very sick and had pneumonia. Weird. When. Feel warm on my forehead or neck I take my temp at home or in tbe hoapital and absolutely no fever. I’m weird.

  35. Hi sujay here

    Its been almost more than 2 and half years over never had a fever but sometimes I get the cold watery eyes sneezing nose and feverish feeling but no fever sometimes I feel fatigue but not every day, I have no idea why I don’t have fever could you please explain me is it normal or any other serious condition.

    • Dear Sujay,
      Your body is busy creating the prerequisites for creating a fever. It will come.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille

  36. The last time I had a Fever was with the Hong Kong Flu in t970. It was 104 up to 105 degrees during the Pandemic. I have a BSN IN nursing and was a Hospital Nurse all my life. I Have Fibromyalgia, But always worked Full Time. I am retired now and having a difficult time with a partial Knee Replacement. Done 8-20-1018. It is Red and warm to the touch, doesn’t want to hold my weight, and I have a tough time walking. I have gone to several doctors but they won’t do any blood work to check for infection because I don’t have a FEVER. Is this a Medicare Problem??? I am concerned I may loose my leg…I have had a Total Knee Replacement on my other leg which went much better. What do I do when I can’t get help???

  37. Hi
    I’m a 38 year old female. I have not had fever since I can remember.I don’t get sick often but when I do it’s really bad. Severe sinus infection,flu complications, strep throat and walking pneumonia .I have only been sick about 7 or 8 times since I was a kid. My temperature stays around 97.6/97.7. when I get sick it sometimes drops to 96.4/96.6. I also DO NOT tolerate heat well. I live in upstate NY and walk around in a short sleeve shirt all winter. When the temperature reaches 70/72 in the spring I start to over heat with the slightest bit of activity. When the temperature reaches 75 or higher I have to be careful with what I do or I over heat and end up with a 3 day headache. I have been this way my entire life so growing up in GA was rough. I have talked to doctors but I don’t get any answers. They always say I’m lucky I can withstand the cold so well and I must have a really strong immune system. My family says me being able to not get cold is my super power and heat is my kryptonite and I’m starting to feel the same way.

    • Dear Pamela,
      When the ‘heating system’ is off, it may have several causes. Your hypothalamus may be out of balance. We address this in the MIR-Method with step 6, because the hypothalamus belongs to the hormone system. And it may also be because of the triple warmer meridian that is blocked. Ususally, at least that is what I experience, these imbalances are caused by emotional issues in the past. Old emotions are also dealt with in the 9 steps, for example in step 3 and 4.
      How are you doing at the moment? Have you noticed any changes doing the MIR-Methode?
      Greetings, Mireille

  38. Its been 2 to 3 years i havnt deal wirh fever my whole body is in pain nd my bones pain too much along with neck bones but i never had fever neither i have sweat

  39. I am 28 years old and can’t remember the last time I ran a fever. I’ve had the flu and stomach flu both with no fever. I’m currently suffering from strep throat with no fever. I’ve always wondered why I don’t get a fever like everyone else.
    I noticed you said something about fatigue. I’m always tired and wake up feeling like I never slept. I’m not sure if the two are related but since you mentioned it then maybe it is. I just don’t understand!

    • Dear Courtney,
      Your body needs to be able to create fever so it can deal with unwanted bacteria or viruses. If your body doesn’t make fever, the bacteria and viruses can multiply freely. Your body knows the bacteria are there and tries to hunt them down, but… no fever, so the hunt continues forever. That gives enormous fatigue.
      Hope this clarifies it for you.
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

    • I’m not alone?!?! I’m 21 and always incredibly tired no matter how much I sleep, I’ve been this way since grade school. The last time I ran a fever was in kindergarten when I was seriously ill. The tiredness is so bad that I have a hard time focusing on anything.

      • You’re definitely not alone. As a child I always averaged 99.2-99.8 and when sick 101.5-102.5f. In my early twenties all of a sudden my average dropped to 96.8-97.5 with max fever 97.7-98.7f. I am now always tired, I take forever to get over sicknesses, I absolutely will not get a fever, and I feel like dying with a cold but flu isn’t bad. I was wondering if anyone else was messed up like this. I did spike a mild temperature once when I contracted mononucleosis at 33 years old but that was the last time and it wasn’t low grade.

        • I am always having this damn cold, like all 365 days. Cold, migraine, stomach ache etc these are always there, but never a fever.

    • Like Courtney, I don’t run temperatures even when really Ill (bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection, flu). I have 6 diagnosed autoimmune diseases (scalp psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, vitiligo, blepharitis, Hashimotos, and Celiac Disease)and also feel chronically fatigued.

      My average temperature is at least a degree below “average”. I have noticed that when I’m ill I get hot flashes but not a fever.

  40. It has been almost twenty years since I’ve ran a fever. I had strep throat and my temperature was 104.2. I haven’t even ran a low grade temperature since. I am always tired but push myself. I get sick often.

  41. Hi I have no fever from last 4 year but I feel tired and fatigue mostly everyday. I also have chronic headache problem.

    • Dear Nikki,
      Do you drink enough water (at least 1 liter every day) and do you add salt to your food? If you are dehydrated, that could be the cause of your headaches. Read also this article: ‘The main cause of headaches’. When you start doing the MIR-Method you may run a fever after a few months. This would be a possible relief for your fatigue.
      Wishing you all strength you need!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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