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  1. Hi— I am a 76yr old female. I have never run a fever since 1962, when I was was in Nurse training and had pneumonia. Even at that time, all I had to do was to lay down flat, without taking any medication, and the temp would go away . I have many bouts of pneumonia since then but never run a fever. My mean temperature is usually 36.4. When I’m not feeling well, all I have to do. is stand up from a sitting or lying position, and I will suddenly feel extremely cold.
    In the past years, I was diagnosed with M.G. At that time I was booked to have my Thymus removed, but I was nervous about it so I ask for a second opinion. since then , I have received many different opinions….yes I do have M.G. , no I don’t have it. the reason I mention this, is to know if this could be a contributing factor to my lack of a temperature?
    I also have IBS which has only gotten much worst over the years.
    I hope to hear your ideas on this.

  2. Alright, well I am a 33 year old female and I literally never get sick nor fever my body temp is usually always 35.4 sometimes a tad lower an no do not feel cold at all I know strange right ? I have all year round allergies and that is it . My ex husband had the swine flu back in 2009 I took care of him and I never caught it ‍♀️ I have had so much blood work done and everything is normal but yet I’m extremely tired all the time I was told by doctors I have fibromyalgia because I’m always , always in chronic pain I have a lot of nerve “issues” symptoms very long list. I also have IBS and anxiety.. my doctor thinks it is very unusual that I never literally ever have a fever nor even get sick but yet does not investigate further. People say your just lucky , I get it I’m grateful BUT it doesn’t seem “right” to me at all makes no sense. I am also oddly allergic too vast majority of every single antibiotic and I know this how because I get chronic allergies all year old that tend to give me sinus infections and only antibiotic I can take is Doxycycline BUT oddly enough I have symptoms of being allergic to it when I do take it so I’m screwed right ? Lol so I just keep my year round allergies at bay and I have been fine . I literally could go on and on about my symptoms etc what I deal with on a daily but I’d end up writing a book lol anyone have input ?

  3. Just another soul with the situation. any of you have the habit of nose picking? and any hormonal imbalances?
    Has anyone did MRI of hypothalamus and pituitary to see if there’s anything abnormal?

    Trying to figure out if there’s a pattern. Like all of you i feel helpless too. let’s see if we can find this out together.

    • I had chronic low levels of testosterone due to an addictive habit(you know what). because of that i use to get migraines and cluster headaches and hair loss. i suffered with low energy for years and it lead to some immune related disorders. until i figured out its the testosterone level.

      I then stopped that addictive habit and gave my body time to recover. I took testosterone supplement for 10 days and boom i got a fever. y’all could check your hormone levels. basically hpa and hpg axis modulates immune system. get that back to normal and you’ll be awesome.

    • I had this problem for years. when i traced it back it started when i started using minoxidil. It could’ve altered the way androgen receptors function and that might’ve suppressed the immune system. I have no clue. But everything got back to normal once i stopped that product.

  4. I have never ran a fever in my entire life. Not even as a child. My mom said i would go from perfectly fine to seriously sick at the drop of a hat. No clue i was sick and never ran a fever.

  5. I have all symptoms of Corona….starting yesterday. No fever. Not short of breath…just coughing. I feel I can’t go to Er for testing without fever. I can’t remember the last time I had a fever. It was as a child. I’m 64. I do have the chills….horrible chills.

    • You say you have “all” symptoms but you are just coughing. Thats one. coronavirus symptoms are the same for cold and flus so you really wouldnt know which you had. Testing is not necessary, sick people should quarantine themselves all the time anyway, even before this outbreak. The flu kills many people every year. Coronavirus is not that different and you can recover just like a cold or flu. You only need to go to the doctor if you cant breathe and even then, diagnosis of cv19 doesn’t change treatment.

      • Alison, please stop spreading misinformation… you are entitled to believe whatever you want, but you need to understand that spreading false data like that can put other people at risk.

        That being said, yeah… having a cough without a sore throat, or fever, or shortness of breath, is not having all symptoms of Covid-19

      • I’m shocked! Try working on the front line in hospitals and see if that changes your opinion. If it was just like flu, they wouldn’t be running out of intensive care needs all over the world

  6. I never had a fever. My appendix bursted in my late teens…and I remember the surgeon telli g me that I am unusual d/t not having a fever. I am always fatiqued. I am 50 now. What should I watch out for?

  7. 45, never had a fever My temp actually drops when I am sick. Not related, I don’t sweat either. I will pass out from over heating first. Has anyone heard of this?

      • Same here and I m 32. No fever at all since ages and I bearly sweat. I do get cold more than hot and I suffer fatigue and body pain too.

  8. Hello im 35 i have not had a fever in 6 years. The last one was 6 years ago when i was in Labour with my daughter. Im always tired and seem to get the flu every year no matter what i do but never fever not even when i had bacterial infections.

  9. I’m 52 and have never had a fever. Even when I’m deathly ill and in the hospital with infections (MRSA). My daughter has also never had a fever. I’m always tired. I knew this wasn’t normal but had my thyroid checked and my hormones and I do have an auto immune disease – Hypothyroidism. My body aches and I hate complaining when I’m sick because the first thing people and doctors do is try taking my temperature. I would love an explanation – this is so frustrating to know you are sick but no one believes you because you’re not running a fever. I’m glad to know that we’re not alone.

  10. I’m 25. Female . And I haven’t had a fever above 99 since I was 9 years old . In the last 2 years I have had the stomach flu twice . And influenza twice . Neither of which involved a fever . I currently have covid-19 without a fever but severe cough and shortness of breath . I’m always tired . No matter how much sleep I get or what I do . I’m always tired . And I’m always sick . Before covid-19 I had been sick for 3 weeks. My body doesn’t know how to fight off infections or illnesses . The only thing that happens excessively to my brain when I am sick are migraines . It’s like they never stop when I am sick .

    • Nicole…sorry to hear U are so sick…take a look at your diet , what vaccines U have had and how much U are on mobil devices..
      all these contribute to a low immune system..with the internet U can research how to balance your body and get back to health…

  11. Hi
    I am immunocompromised and ever since my Tcell count fell to 65 in 2004, I have not had a fever. I have had pneumonia a few times and still no fever. My doctor does not believe me and says I probably get one, I just do not realize it. I have taken my temperature at my sickest and the highest it got was 99.1. I can get cold chills and sweat and feel like I am fevering but my temperature never shows it. My Tcells are at 424 (very highest since 2004). I do not want to stay sick and would love to heal my body and release any negative energy that may be causing the malfunction of my hypothalamus.
    Thank you

    • 99.1 IS a fever. I don’t think 98.6 is actually the correct “normal”. Mine is 96.8 always. I don’t know anybody else who actually has higher than 98 but i don’t really go around checking everyone i know. What is your normal temp?

  12. Unbelievable, Never guessed there were so many of us. Granted I have 2 very rare syndromes. KFS,EDS along with chronic stage 2 hypertension & stage 1 emphysema but I have no energy but don’t sleep much. I had a fever only once that I can remember in almost 50 years and that was the a bad strain of the flu. I have had multiple abscessed rotted roots of my teeth at the same time for many years and never have I had a fever nor do I feel dental pain. All my teeth are root canaled and crowned without the use of novocaine. 9 blown cervical and lumbar disc plus SI joint dysfunction and I take 1x15mg oxycontin a day. Wonder if anyone else has a high pain threshold with the none fever issues?

  13. I’m pretty much the outlier in anything medical, but decided to respond anyway. As a child, I had cancer 3 times and then a bone marrow transplant at age 12. I have many late effects from the chemo/radiation including an extremely low immune system. With normal illnesses where people usually get fevers, I never have them. It’s almost like my body says, “nah! We aren’t going to fight that.” My whole body does shut down though and I am SUPER tired any time I am sick. I always am embarrassed and think people think I’m being dramatic anytime I just get a cold because the toll it takes on my body. I am tired all the time even when I am not sick, but it’s 10 times worse when I am sick. Obviously because of my history, I know it could be a number of things, including the fact that cancer survivors are usually tired. If I could figure something out that actually helps a little though, that would be great!

  14. I’m a 52 year old female and have not had a fev6in several years. I never had one when I use to get frequent UTIs and I did6even have one when I had appendicitis. I have chronic fatigue. I stared seeing a Naturopath and he said my immune system is not responding properly. I stared searching the web for more information and found your page. It’s amazing how many people suffer from this. Hoping the best for everyone!

  15. I’m 42 years old, female, and I have never had a fever in my life that I know of. I’ve had seriously sick kids, I’ve cuddle them and had them all over me. Not once have I had a fever, strep, flu, a cold, or anything. I’ve literally never been sick ither then a headache or belly ache here and there and an occasional sinus infection. I am always tired though. I’ve been to the dr over constant fatigue and they cant fi d anything out. My blood work is always good, hormones are good, and whatever else they check, though I am low on iron occasionally.

  16. Im in my 50s and have had no fever in 30 years possibly more. I get sick but-never with fever. I also suffer with chronic fatigue.

  17. Hi sir my name is mahesh I never had having fever past 8 years.its any problem.
    I have a devation nasal septum problem and sinus problem also there

    • Mine is between 96.3 and 97.3. The only time I remember it higher was 99 when I was pregnant.

  18. I’m 54 Male, had cancer snd other issues now resolved. I havent had a fever in years even when I was very sick and had pneumonia. Weird. When. Feel warm on my forehead or neck I take my temp at home or in tbe hoapital and absolutely no fever. I’m weird.

  19. Its been 2 to 3 years i havnt deal wirh fever my whole body is in pain nd my bones pain too much along with neck bones but i never had fever neither i have sweat

  20. I am 28 years old and can’t remember the last time I ran a fever. I’ve had the flu and stomach flu both with no fever. I’m currently suffering from strep throat with no fever. I’ve always wondered why I don’t get a fever like everyone else.
    I noticed you said something about fatigue. I’m always tired and wake up feeling like I never slept. I’m not sure if the two are related but since you mentioned it then maybe it is. I just don’t understand!

    • Dear Courtney,
      Your body needs to be able to create fever so it can deal with unwanted bacteria or viruses. If your body doesn’t make fever, the bacteria and viruses can multiply freely. Your body knows the bacteria are there and tries to hunt them down, but… no fever, so the hunt continues forever. That gives enormous fatigue.
      Hope this clarifies it for you.
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

    • I’m not alone?!?! I’m 21 and always incredibly tired no matter how much I sleep, I’ve been this way since grade school. The last time I ran a fever was in kindergarten when I was seriously ill. The tiredness is so bad that I have a hard time focusing on anything.

      • You’re definitely not alone. As a child I always averaged 99.2-99.8 and when sick 101.5-102.5f. In my early twenties all of a sudden my average dropped to 96.8-97.5 with max fever 97.7-98.7f. I am now always tired, I take forever to get over sicknesses, I absolutely will not get a fever, and I feel like dying with a cold but flu isn’t bad. I was wondering if anyone else was messed up like this. I did spike a mild temperature once when I contracted mononucleosis at 33 years old but that was the last time and it wasn’t low grade.

        • I am always having this damn cold, like all 365 days. Cold, migraine, stomach ache etc these are always there, but never a fever.

    • Like Courtney, I don’t run temperatures even when really Ill (bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection, flu). I have 6 diagnosed autoimmune diseases (scalp psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, vitiligo, blepharitis, Hashimotos, and Celiac Disease)and also feel chronically fatigued.

      My average temperature is at least a degree below “average”. I have noticed that when I’m ill I get hot flashes but not a fever.

  21. It has been almost twenty years since I’ve ran a fever. I had strep throat and my temperature was 104.2. I haven’t even ran a low grade temperature since. I am always tired but push myself. I get sick often.

  22. Hi I have no fever from last 4 year but I feel tired and fatigue mostly everyday. I also have chronic headache problem.

    • Dear Nikki,
      Do you drink enough water (at least 1 liter every day) and do you add salt to your food? If you are dehydrated, that could be the cause of your headaches. Read also this article: ‘The main cause of headaches’. When you start doing the MIR-Method you may run a fever after a few months. This would be a possible relief for your fatigue.
      Wishing you all strength you need!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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