When is a good moment to look for coaching while doing the MIR-Method?

1. If you are someone with a chronic disease
2. If you have a severe illness
3. If you find your body responds very strong to the MIR-Method (remember to go back to just step 5 and 7!)
4. If you are very sensitive and always respond strongly to treatments. First try it yourself by doing step 5 and 7 for two weeks. If you feel the process is too strong on you, please contact a therapist.

Always remember that a therapist or coach can help you with using the MIR-Method. These people are trained by Mireille Mettes. They can find out in a consult where in the 9 steps are the biggest issues. They work with you in a very efficient way to clear out any blockages that may still be bothering you. The result of these consults is that the whole process of the MIR-Method will be accelerated.

Look below to find a suitable coach for you. Feel free to contact the coach by e-mail or phone. A session via Skype is also possible.

Country Name + details Language
Netherlands Benito L. Otero Mathijssen
Practice just Be One
Phone: +31622649381
E-mail: info@just-be.one
Website: https://just-be.one
Netherlands Marja Kikstra
Phone: +31-53–4766163
E-mail: erevna@live.nl
Website: https://erevna.jouwweb.nl/
or https://www.facebook.com/Erevna/
Netherlands Els Berdee-van Hees
Praktijk: Tribe
Tel: +31-72-5061083 / +31-6-33098033
E-mail: elsberdee@cs.com
Netherlands Hans Samson
Tel: +31-70-2601095 of +31-6-46395380
E-mail: info@delianen.nl
Website: www.delianen.nl
Netherlands Ans Koch
Praktijk: Hartsnaar
Tel: +31-6-38398023
E-mail: info@hartsnaar.nl
Website: www.hartsnaar.nl
Netherlands Ronald de Waal
Practice: Eyes open! space for new possibilities
Tel: +31-6-24988385
Contact: https://wakker.ogenopenacademie.nl/contact-mir-en/
Website: https://wakker.ogenopenacademie.nl/mir-method-acceleration-list/
Netherlands José van de Wouw
Balans Massagepraktijk Utrecht
Tel: +31-30-2436002
E-mail: info@balans-massage.nl
Website: www.balans-massage.nl

Pablo Siméone
E-mail: pabsimeon@gmail.com


USA Ginger Marcus (waiting list, response may take time)
Maryland, USA
E-mail: ginger@eclecticdynamic.com
Israel Ika Roditi N.D.
Website: www.ikaroditi.com