In January 2016 Mireille gave this online 2-day webinar. Afterwards, many people asked to be able to see the recordings. Well, it is available now, in 6 edited videos!

Now what if you give the MIR-Method to your clients?
Will they follow your advice or will they raise their eyebrows?
Will their bodies respond intensely to the method, will they fall ill?
Will they ask questions you don’t know the answer to?
And above all: what can you do as a professional to guide your client?

This is the recording of an online 2-day webinar course in 6 parts by Mireille Mettes to help you understand the way the MIR-Method works in the subconscious of your clients. It gives you understanding and words to explain to your clients.

MIR-Method questions

You will learn with every of the 9 steps what questions to ask in order to make your client more conscious. You can help them become aware of the way they live their lives. When you ask the right questions, they can focus on their stuck emotions, their choices in food and their unhappiness in work/private life. Once they see what they’re doing, they can let go of it, by using the MIR-Method!

Course manual

After your payment has been received, you will be sent a course manual with all information necessary for the course. The course manaual will be sent through email as a pdf-file.
Please allow us a few days to send it to you.

Participant requirement

This course is meant for professionals. People who are  a therapist, coach, doctor, nurse, etc. People who treat people for illnesses or psychiatric problems, etc. are welcome. You must have practised the MIR-Method for at least 4 weeks prior to the webinar-course!

Course information

The course consists of 6 videos (appox. 45 minutes each), each dealing with an aspect of the MIR-Method. Including exercises for you to do at home.

Costs of the course

175 Euros (approx. 191 USD or 124 GBP)


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This course is a pre-requisite for the course ‘Additional techniques of the MIR-Method’.