Did you suffer from an addiction and has it gone now, thanks to the MIR-Method? Please let us know and realise you will inspire thousands of other people who are still suffering like you did. Thank you for sharing it! Mireille Mettes

Please have a look at the video of Mireille about Overcoming your addiction:

Overcoming your addition with the MIR-Method


Addiction — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Mireille, I’m Grazia from Milan.
    I’ve tried your system and i want let you know that I’m following a diet that I seldom succeed. Now it’s about one month and it seems I’m not suffering…
    Bye, Grazia

    • Buonasera, Grazia!
      Wow, I am glad that you are not suffering from your diet! Be gentle with yourself, and I hope you will have fine results! Great that you participated, because that can support you even more.
      Greetings, Mireille

  2. Hi Mireille,
    I am not a nail biter but something similar – I pull my hair and break off the ends!! I have done this since I was a teenager (I am 55) and it is an addiction that I do automatically when I am stressed. It feels comforting to me, but I have also examined – over the years – why it started and I know that it was to do with not liking myself, low self-esteem, and all kinds of other deeper emotional reasons. I have done a lot of work on my healing journey with the underlying issues, but the habit still remained. I started using the MIR Method a year ago, and finally I have found something that has made a difference! Instead of just trying to use will power – and feeling worse when I fail – the MIR Method has helped to ‘reprogram’ in some way and helped to break the pattern/habit. So thank you so much! The MIR Method has also helped with many other things too of course! Thank you with all my heart for sharing it with us. Blessings – Laurie

  3. Dear Mireille,
    I started with the 2 lines initially as I am very sensitive. I do myself & my aging cat & a rehome dog who was very anxious when I got her. They both now look forward to it every morning ( 2 months) & both have improved in calmness & health. I too, have also felt my sweet tooth for chocolate has decreased significantly since just doing the 2 steps.
    I will start the 9 steps now & let you know how we go Blessings to you Thankyou


  4. Hello Mireille,

    A friend of mine told me about the MIR-Method. After many hectic years with huge changes in my life I felt adrift, without any basis, without any energy. I did your method for a couple of weeks and many things have changed. I sleep better, have no more need for alcohol (drank too much every day), am happier, more balanced and… I even got a job in the kind of work I love to do with heart and soul! And that at the age of 62, that is something special. Thank you for sharing it!

    Heartfelt greetings, Sia

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