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155. Being Taken for Granted Without Gratitude — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Mireille and Mirrors,
    I recall how I used to do things for others and even sometimes unsolicited. And then when it got to be too much: I would lose my temper and shout, especially at the kids. Over the years I stopped nagging and started conciously working at my temper and asking sooner for help. When I started respecting all my effort myself, asking if they would like it if I did …., then I was making proper conversation with them. Whatever we do for someone we have to consider it also me time. Enjoy it, make the best of it and try to interact more with others rather than doing st for so. “Detach….” and decide from the little quiet place inside yourself. Stroking your hand while doing the MIR-Method is like PETTING (not your pet but yourself). TX. Diana

  2. Thank you too. I am taking everyone for granted. I feel so ashamed. Stress makes you do horrible things to people you love.

    • Dear Nina,
      And I am glad you can see that it is because you feel so stressed. When you have no room for other people, whatsoever, it is really hard to feel the room to appreciate others. Give yourself time, doing the MIR-Method, to give yourself more space and the appreciation will come. It’s a great step that you are aware of this now!
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. Dear Mireille,

    I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for almost 6 weeks now.
    I notice that I sometimes take things for granted, thank you for the wake up call!
    My mother does many things for me, for example groceries, because I cannot always handle it myself.
    I did thank her for that with words, but I think I’ll buy her a present today for all this time that she helped me, because even if she is my mother, I shouldn’t take her help for granted!
    Thank you Mireille for your advice!
    Greetings Teddy

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