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156. A Basic Income, Doable and Freeing — 18 Comments

  1. Basic incom is a way to make real democracy for all people. To day we are slaves under a corrupt money system.
    In the book “Monetärdemokrati : Humanitetens ekonomi” by Anders Silverfall from Sweden, he shows a way to implement a democratic money system, basic incom for all.
    This book needs to be translated to english, french and so on.

    Basic incom would turn the whole world to a better place for all.
    And stop the greede few from profiting on us.


  2. With this guaranteed income, I would be able to breathe better and sleep better. Because with the minimum wage, you have no choice but to work full-time. No more worries about making ends meet. I will continue to work part-time, because I think that at 69 years old, it would be good for me to have time to see my family and friends.

    Avec ce revenu garanti, je pourrais mieux respirer et avoir un meilleur sommeil. Car avec le salaire minimum, pas le choix de travailler à temps plein et encore.Fini les inquiétudes par rapport aux fins de mois difficile.
    continuerai à travailler à temps partiel, car je crois qu’à 69 ans,ça me ferait du bien d’avoir du temps pour voir ma famille et les amies.

  3. The second link (the pdf) in this article does not appear to be working. Otherwise, the whole concept seems very positive, giving people a measure of control to be able to make ‘first steps’ in so many different areas otherwise blocked to them. Very empowering!

    • Dear Erica,
      Yes I see what you mean. I have deleted it. It is probably gone… Thank you for letting me know! Yes, and I truly hope many more people will want to look into it to see how very possible it is!
      Greetings, Mireille

      • The UK has something like a basic income, and all it mostly does is make people lazy, I dont know if that is a result of education or parenting, Schools should teach children that later on in life, if you want something you have to earn it.

        • Dear Maxi,
          Can you tell me a bit more about the basic income in the UK? I guess it is social security benefit? Because that makes people feel ashamed and apathetic…
          Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  4. Love the idea, it made me feel free, creative and productive. I cant agree more!!! I would study lots of interesting things, I will open up a global ascensión center and spend most of my time thriving and not surviving!

    • Dear Brenda,
      Oh, how I wish this will become true worldwide. For you and for all the people that will come to your center! Let’s keep on talking about it and make it happen.
      Greetings! Mireille Mettes

  5. If I had a basic income of 1000-1500 I could be debt free in a few years, quit my job and start one of my own. That would be terrific!!!

    • Dear Anastasia,
      How wonderful it would be. I truly hope we can pull it off in the Netherlands and then make it spread across the countries. The more people talk about this, the faster we can realise it.
      Greetings! Mireille Mettes

    • Dear Irina,
      Oh, wouldn’t that be SO AWESOME! I hope somehow you will be able to create your wishes before the basic income. Great to read how clear your vision is!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  6. I am an ardent supporter of the idea of a basic income for everybody. For me it is a question of human dignity.

  7. Wow Mireille, this is great news! I’d better get on with my Dutch citizenship before Brexit happens : / Thanks for sharing this, it has brightened my day! I fully support the idea of the basic income, it will create so many opportunities and a more relaxed life for everybody. I would use the money for study and health, and I would be able to work more on my own projects (making music, making things)

    • Dear Robin,
      Just see what happens when your life isn’t depending on having to make money. One of our transition professors said: ‘Basic income is inevitable’. And: it is just a matter of evolution. So… to me it looks like one day it WILL become reality.
      And… the sooner the better! Would love to hear your music and see the things you make!
      Greetings! Mireille Mettes

  8. I think a basic income is essential to maintain a sense of dignity. In low income countries like India where there is no assurance of a pension specially in the private sector, this would certainly enhance their self respect.

    • Dear Padma,
      Yes, absolutely. People who can’t make it on their own effort, feel they fail, but in fact it is the whole system that fails.
      The more we speak about it, the more a basic income is an idea that is an idea for all people.
      Thank you for letting me know!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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