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22. Shame Doesn’t Like Daylight — 2 Comments

  1. in the indian context i can think of ‘women’ as a community though they are a sub-group of the whole community. especially in a traditional patriarcal society ‘little self worth’ syndrom is passed on to the daughters from mothers. in fact, dauthers are oftern forced, emotionally blackmailed, given a secondary status & are often reminded of the same even if the mother/parents are not out and out cruel. it must be a mechanism in the society to create a submissive serving class; the members of which are supposed to have shame!
    i liked the ‘Erase shame’ paragraph very much. till one is suseptible to be pushed into shame – worthlessness – slavery by the way of being or remaining unaware, the mechanisms/systems in the society powerful and would continue doing exactly that. to be aware on different levels of one’s existance MIR is GOOD!

    • Dear Vidula,
      Yes, and that is exactly why I am so happy that the MIR-Method is picked up by so many women! About 80% of the people that use the MIR-Method is female. Fortunately more men are joining too. May we conquer shame and regain our self-worth!
      Greetings and thank you for your kind words!
      Mireille Mettes

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