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67. Do You Relax More Often? — 3 Comments

  1. I took the day off today and spent 8 hours in a city some distance away and treated myself to discovery and delight. It restored my soul and aliveness

  2. Hi Mireille
    Yes I do relax more often since doing the MIR method (and a few other things) and I don’t feel guilty. This week I even took a whole week off work, just because I can. To be honest though it took me a few days to get in the “relax mode” and let go the thought of “needing to get things done” around the house. Life is busy but we need to take a step back and enjoy it. I am having a healthy life/work balance again, thanks to the MIR-Method and others.

    • Dear Maria,
      Sounds wonderful! Yes, it takes courage to really let go of the ‘obligation’ to do things. It is a great challenge for most people to really inhale life and ‘do nothing’, although those moments actually charge your ‘body’s battery’. Listening to birds whistle, listening to the silence, taking a lazy stroll, lying on the couch, staring at the walls. All wonderful to have a ‘relax moment’. Actually a real good thing for people who are highly sensitive!
      Wishing you further good luck and a sparkling & relaxing life!
      Hope to hear from you again!

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