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  1. Dear Mireille, I started using the Mir method a few months ago. However when ever I used the entire 10 statements
    I feel physically and emotionally sick. So I only do the two statements. I tried to contact your coaches . Called and left a message abd emailed with no response. Their website is in Dutch and I can’t understand how to connect with them. I really appreciate your feedback and response. Thank you

  2. Hi Mireille, I found the MIR method by accident 3 days ago and started the same evening. I tend to be busy all the time and take on more work than I am usually able to finish. I have been working very hard at teaching an incredibly draining creative/practical online course for 8 weeks to First Year university students and also have many friends in crisis who have relied on my emotional support recently.
    Today I could not stay out of bed. Within 2 hours of getting up I was too exhausted to function. I have spent most of the day sleeping in snippets but feel so guilty all the time. My body is sore, and I feel totally weak and unmotivated at present. I am as weak as a kitten and sincerely hope that it is the MIR method, else I am experiencing a depressive state that is totally new and very frightening to me. Not sure how to cope with this and would appreciate some reassurance/guidance. Zelda

    • Dear Zelda,
      It is possible to find some old emotions surface, which can cause depression. Please make sure you let the emotions out, by crying, writing or telling somebody. Also taking extra sea salt will help, in case your body is lacking too many minerals.
      If the depression is too strong or takes too long, please consult a MIR-Method coach.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille

  3. I took the day off today and spent 8 hours in a city some distance away and treated myself to discovery and delight. It restored my soul and aliveness

  4. Hi Mireille
    Yes I do relax more often since doing the MIR method (and a few other things) and I don’t feel guilty. This week I even took a whole week off work, just because I can. To be honest though it took me a few days to get in the “relax mode” and let go the thought of “needing to get things done” around the house. Life is busy but we need to take a step back and enjoy it. I am having a healthy life/work balance again, thanks to the MIR-Method and others.

    • Dear Maria,
      Sounds wonderful! Yes, it takes courage to really let go of the ‘obligation’ to do things. It is a great challenge for most people to really inhale life and ‘do nothing’, although those moments actually charge your ‘body’s battery’. Listening to birds whistle, listening to the silence, taking a lazy stroll, lying on the couch, staring at the walls. All wonderful to have a ‘relax moment’. Actually a real good thing for people who are highly sensitive!
      Wishing you further good luck and a sparkling & relaxing life!
      Hope to hear from you again!

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