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176. The Grocery Shopper Has Got the Power! — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Mireille, After 2 strokes I changed my eating/drinking choices years ago and dropped many pounds. I’m lucky to be here to talk about it. My family have struggled with weight and typically blame it on genetics. It’s about choices. Food addiction is tough and removing refined sugar helped me with cravings. Not easy but sometimes life depends on it. Shopping from the outer perimeter of the grocery isles is helpful. Most of the refined items are in the middle rows.
    MIR method was suggested to me by daughter months ago and I love it. I have passed it on to several people.
    Thanks so much for this important part of my routine.

  2. My grown up son lives in my house. I go shopping weekly, being Vegan, I buy no meat and am member of a Community Supported Agriculture field. I do buy some bottled water for him to take along to work and some extra small cans of soda. Of course he finds it more convenient to eat and drink what s in the pantry, but occassionally he goes out and buys whatever. I influence his food and drink choices a lttle bit. Personally I don t care for sweets, not in drinks not in food. For myself I work from home, so I drink filtered water, lots of tea, some coffee and I do buy some wine or beer to consume at night time. Rather drink some of that than hard liquor.

    • Dear Diana,
      Yes, you obviously do the best you can to positively influence your son. Very good!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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