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  1. I started the MIR-Method on August 17, 2015. I started with steps 5-7 for two weeks as suggested. Then I am now into my third week of doing all 9 steps.
    I have noticed:
    detoxifying symptoms of breaking out with a small rash between my breasts, little itchiness, underarm oder intensified. My stools were very loose , but are now beginning to look more normal, My skin is looking better, more clear, ears are very itchy inside.
    My question is, I have been experiencing chronic pain from my sciatica for the last 12 months. What can I do to relieve my sciatica pain? Location is on the right side, pain radiates down the leg, right hip, and lower back. I am receiving acupuncture but no relief of pain. Thank you so much for the MIR-Method . I am 64 years old, Cheri Lynn

    • Dear Cheri,
      Your body is clearly responding well to the MIR-Method. Good! Now, what we noticed in the Netherlands, is that when you put your hand on the spot, your hip for example, or on your lower back, while stroking the 9 steps, it gave relief more quickly. Could you give that a try, please? I hope to hear from you how you’re doing. And it may take quite some time, but your body is doing its work, so please continu.
      Mireille Mettes

      • I also suffer from sciatica. It is due to a slipped disc and inflammation in the lower back. I have started the MIR method although I have not noticed any major differences in myself. I would like to do what you suggested above and put my hand on my lower back where the pain is while doing the steps but it is quite uncomfortable as I have to stretch. so you have any other suggestions? With thanks.

        • Dear Judy,
          What you can do instead of your hand, is put a pillow behind you, pressing softly against your lower back. It is directing your subconscious toward your lower back and so you give the MIR-Method some extra focus on your lower back. I really hope it will give you some relief shortly. Take care!
          Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. I first tried the MIR-Method this past January and did it every day until April, then I stopped for a few weeks and restarted it until mid-July at which time I lost a sister to metastatic liver cancer. At this time, I stopped because I was grieving and just did not care about much for the first month…but I have restarted again three days ago.
    What I noticed when I first started doing the MIR-Method and that I would get all tender inside when I did it and how this translated in my life is like this. Where I can feel divine love passing through me and going to others and where I trust this, I had difficulty feeling this same divine love within myself and, with the MIR-Method, I started being able to feel this divine love in me and for me and feel it in my body, in all my cells. And I was starting to loose that feeling so I restarted doing it to connect to this divine love for myself as it seems easy for me to share it when I give Reiki or send distance healing to others, but more difficult to feel for myself. One of the ways the MIR-Method changed my life is that I can feel an opening in myself because of what I shared above and I keep restarting the MIR-Method simply because it feels good when I do it…I give myself the love that I need to be a better person and, that in itself, is reason enough to continue; but I know that, with time, it will change my outer life too! Thank you Mireille for this wonderful tool.

    • Dear Jocelyne,
      It’s great to read how you pick up the MIR-Method whenever you feel like it again. I like it that way, because then you can help yourself every time you need it. When you wrote ‘I give myself the love that I need to be a better person’, I smiled, because that is exactly what I hope will happen inside people. When everyone would love her/himself, wouldn’t we have a totally different world?
      Thank you for sharing and good luck!

  3. I also love autumn with its colours, bare trees, less chaos and I love being on my own, inside. I have more energy for some reason and want to do things, especially things that I have left to do, due to the heat, and this year we had a scorcher here in Italy.
    Lower back pain is always with me, due to operation in 2002 and falling, but, it does not stop me.
    The MIR method has helped me a lot and some articles have helped me to understand myself more.
    Thank you very much.

    • Dear Kunie,
      Great, another autumn-lover! I am sad to hear that your lower back pain is caused by an operation. I wish the MIR-Method could do something about it for you, but I guess that would be a miracle. I am very glad it doesn’t stop you, however!
      Have a great autumn-time in Italy! It must be wonderfully beautiful then, with all the colours in nature!
      Mireille Mettes

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