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82. Do you have an animal mission? 25 examples to find out. — 6 Comments

  1. Animal mission relplies
    Your were wondering what to add as more missions for animals. For me I choose as part in my mission to do no harm to animals and in that I choose not to eat meat and not have that fear injested in me and all that they experience in those steps that take them in finalty to their death. I have had such peace my choice to not have any part of their torture. Humans are so conditioned to not be concerned and most think nothing of what happened to that meat on their plate. I need help with is doing MIR on myself for all the trauma I do see animals going trough that in turn traumatizes me…all because of the mass majority of humans having no regard to them. Most humans dont give it a second thought…Pet your cat but kill that sentient cow. The way these animals are abused and taken as a comodity and with no thought. It traumatizes me and I need a way to help myself deal with this trauma. Visually I never forget the horrors I see (which I dearly try to avoid but still see)and it plays over and over in my psyche. MIR for visual trauma and heartbreak please. For it is indeed breaking my heart. Thank you

  2. You don’t choose cats, cats choose you. Two years ago the first time I met my girlfriend’s cat (who wasn’t the most social of animals because she was abused by her previous owner/caretaker) she jumped onto my chest and licked my face. Ever since then we have a bond. During that time she has given me lessons on allowing/acceptance and unconditional love.

    When I’m in bed she sometimes lies on my chest and never fails to lie on the chakra corresponding to whatever issue I might be dealing with at the time.

    Animals are truly divine.

  3. I am wondering how this can be applied to animals? It is language and is it the sound? Do you change the words? I am interested …thank you

    • Dear Colleen,
      The instructions are in Frequently Asked Questions nr. 9. The words are exactly the same. With step 3 ‘Detach father/mother’ it is working for their own pet-father/mother, but also for you, the human that lives with the animal!
      Basically, your voice, intention, words, energy all work together. Animals are very open to that, so usually it works quite quickly.
      Good luck!
      Mireille Mettes

  4. How can you use the MIR Method on animals? Do the words work like Reiki I dont understand how you can apply it to animals. Thanks Colleen

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