Do you suffer from intestinal problems and have you noticed that they have improved because of the MIR-Method, or have they even disappeared altogether? That’s great! 

We’d like to hear from you about what has improved! Please answer these questions:
1. How long have you done the MIR-Method?
2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life? 

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Intestinal problems — 12 Comments

  1. MIR = loving kindness
    I will continue because 25 years of diarrhea hasn’t changed yet. Also have now macular degeneration as a result of malnutrition. And only eaten organic for 17 years. No wheat, no dairy. Many parasite remedies. Had amazing release type very detailed, colourful dreams, nightmares and good fun, in the first weeks of MIR-Method after almost never remembering dreams in 20 years. I’m sleeping longer but just read MIR-Method on doing the 9 strokes when i lie awake. Lovely, I’ll try that. Woke one night and the thought “geopathic” appeared. So next day I pulled the bed out to the middle of the little room and since then, 4 nights, no more 24hrs a day headaches!!!!! Love the love you radiate Mireille. Blessings!

  2. Recently started doing the MIR-Method again. Mainly happy with the loving caresses I give myself. I stroke my cheek and often my whole body. A real treat. Does me good. What I noticed is that after one week I had three to four bowel movements a day. It surprised me but I feel good. Have had intestinal problems already or two years and a Natural Nutritionist introduced the idea of probiotics. Problems are as good as gone. But the MIR-Method is a separate story. I just wanted to say this. Feel good generally, healthy and balanced. That was different for a long time. I’ll continue with the MIR-Method as long as it feels good to me.

  3. I’ve struggled a lot the past few years with my bowel movements and had stomach problems. Thought for a long time that these problems were the result of giving birth at the age of 46. In 2005, gave birth to a son via a Cesarean. In 2009, bladder prolapsed/uterus removed/vaginal reconstruction. In 2012, bowel prolapsed, pelvic reconstruction. Every time, I hoped that I would also be relieved of the intestinal problems I’ve had for the past ten years. Not being able to go to the toilet, heartburn, nausea, headache, back pain, bloated, weight gain, lethargic; it’s not fun. I came into contact with the MIR-Method through a friend of mine. Been doing it for 1 ½ months now and am very enthusiastic. I’ve now got daily bowel movements and have almost no stomach problems any more. To be honest, I feel like a new person. Looking back, these problems started about twenty years ago. I had more and more trouble dealing with gas/bloating, I’m remembering now! Thanks, Mireille Mettes, for the MIR-Method which has made me better again.
    Moreover, my son Lodewijk (9 years old now) is doing really well. Hope to make others enthusiastic for this great method.
    Yours truly, Hannelore.

  4. I almost never have good stools, just a little in the morning. I just had to try out the MIR-Method as well?? The crazy thing is that relieving myself is so important in my life, but I appear to never take the TIME to do something about it. Take some fiber to aid in making it less difficult but this doesn’t seem to help. I also have the blood group diet to choose which foods are beneficial for my blood type O and which foods are better for me not to eat. Bread and potatoes don’t sit well and drinking coffee creates too much stomach acid, which is also unhealthy. Meat is fine, preferably organic, but it is very nerve-wracking and the MIR-Method has given me much warmth and peace, but I also need it to implement the changes necessary to my life. Thanks and friendly greetings.

  5. I’m now in the fifth week of the MIR-Method. The daily e-mails will unfortunately no longer come, but I’ve saved all of them to re-read. Although I’ve already done a number of therapies in my life, mainstream as well as alternative, (I’ve been through so much in my life and had so many traumas, which I think I’ve worked through), I’ve noticed that the MIR-Method has reached a depth that I had been missing. Because all of my body’s cells have 100% consciousness, and therefore have also experienced 100% of every trauma. I’ve always felt that healing still needed to take place on a deep level, and am aware of when I react according to the old pattern. Now, I notice that these experiences are returning to the surface and are inviting me to really let go of them with Love. I feel a little sick at the moment because of this, nauseated, a lot of stomach problems and even my skin burns, but I’ve decided to continue doing the MIR-Method for months (or years?). It is very gentle (Mireille, in your videos, you also radiate love) and gives pleasure to do. Mireille, thank you for this gentle gift. I hope that many people discover you and allow themselves this wonderful gift. Yours truly, Eleonora.

  6. Hi Mireille,
    My large intestine is twice as long as normal. Have been constipated since childhood. Have tried everything but without any results. Walking 12 ½ miles a day is the only thing that helps, but that is very difficult to maintain.
    After a week doing the MIR-Method, my constipation was gone; now, after 4 weeks, it’s still gone.
    Thank you for this simple method,

  7. Hi Mireille,
    I long to be able to tell more and more people about the MIR-Method.
    And that I can tell about all my experiences, which have taken place in my body and mind!
    I’d like to shout it from the rooftops: ‘People, dear people, go do the MIR-Method, and you’ll feel better!’
    The following changes have taken place:
    – whiplash is gone: no more physical therapy, no more neck brace, I can do everything again!
    – no more nighttime leg cramps!
    no more problems with bowel movements. Have used medication my whole life for this! I am now 59 years old and…I can poop normally again!
    – psychologically much stronger, more confident, am more aware of who I am!
    – write stories with corresponding photos in newspapers and magazines.
    My biggest wish is to publish a children’s book with my stories and photos!
    And…I continue to do the MIR-Method every evening, because it is good for me!
    Heart greetings from a happy Marijke

  8. I’ve always had problems with my bowel movements, sometimes went 2 or 3 days without one or a small amount daily, and after 3 weeks, I have daily bowel movements, sometimes even 2 to 3 bowel a day, and I sleep wonderfully. I am really very happy.
    Today is the last day of the 4 weeks but I’ll continue for a while because there are still some issues to resolve.

  9. I’ve had intestinal problems since my childhood, been operated on my rectum, and haven’t had solid stools for a year!
    Used enemas to deal with it, otherwise went once in 14 days!
    My doctor told me the only other possibility, if the enemas didn’t help, was a stoma!
    Now after 5 years of messing around with my bowel movements, by doing the MIR-Method, I’ve got daily bowel movements again!
    Am so happy and grateful that I found out about this and that I don’t need a stoma!
    And I’m starting to sleep much better; it’s just wonderful!
    Curious to see what it will do with my arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and more will do.
    Greetings from a happy Vabrum!

    • Hi Vabrum, I’m curious. How long did it take for you to notice improvement?
      I haven’t had solid stools for more than twenty years…
      Have just started with the MIR-Method.
      Greetings from Dieuwke

  10. I stopped after 4 weeks but have now begun again to work on the long-term problems as well.
    The support e-mails were helpful and often corresponded with my reactions.
    I literally and figuratively feel stronger.
    headaches are gone
    bloated feeling stomach gone
    more aware of my boundaries
    feel freer to say what needs to be said without it sounding like nagging
    can accept compliments better
    feel less guilty about everything
    can say “no” more easily
    don’t overeat anymore
    can keep my hands off cookies, candy and alcohol better
    I’m going to keep on doing this because it also gives me a kind of self-affirmation.

  11. Mireille, 33 years ago, when I was 40, I had intestinal cancer and had a stoma because of it, always had problems with bowel movements and the stoma’s seal, according to the doctors because of an allergy. I’ve been doing the MIR-Method now for about 9 months, and am completely free of this. (Don’t think that my life has been problematic because of this. I swam, cycled and ran marathons, but it was always nerve-wracking to see what would happen.) Friendly greetings, Jopie

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