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127. Self-Love is Great for your Health! — 3 Comments

  1. I enjoyed reading this article very much – and feeling how my molecules responded to the words as I was reading them – so thank you very much!
    I had written before to say that the Russian word for peace – mir is pronounced meer, not mur (referring to your video).
    But apart from that, wonderful what you are offering to the world, THANK YOU!

  2. I have done the method for 4 weeks. I am impressed with the combination of phrases and their effectiveness to cover the whole range of human experience, physical and metaphysical. After reading this article, I realize a lot of changes have manifested that I am only now becoming aware of. Truly a brilliant process! Thank you so much.

    • Dear Hoyt,
      Thank you for your recognition of the MIR-Method. It was constructed by use of muscle testing. That is probably why the phrases are so complete. The subconscious knows!
      If you would like to share any of the changes, you’re very welcome!
      Greetings and may it bring you further good!
      Mireille Mettes

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