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  1. Hi, i stopped wanting to eat meat after starting the MIR-Method and over the last 8 months i find i have almost eliminated it totally from my diet! I did also crave some foods when i first started such as certain fruit and vegetables. I also became adverse to strong smelling cleaning products and generally wanted to use household and beauty products that were ecologically friendly.

    • Dear Nicky,
      Such great results, yeah! When you live that way your whole body and household will benefit from it. Don’t be surprised when you do need to eat some meat once in while. Sometimes the body just needs it, for example in times of extra stress or needing to get ‘down to earth’. Since you spend much less money on meat, you can then chose to buy some good biological meat.
      Wishing you increasing health and happiness!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. Hi mireillie, strangely enough I had 2fried eggs for breakfast then this evening I pulled out a tub of nuts to snack on for a little while 👀 , I also have stopped drinking coffee at home although I still have a couple of half jars , thinking maybe the coffee had gone off so buying another brand to see if it tasted better,, do you have any solution to stop alcohol addiction 😳😳

    • Dear Rosalie,
      Thank you for responding!
      Yes, funny how you first think something is wrong with the coffee. This is how it often goes: your taste changes. And you probably needed some extra proteins or minerals which are also in eggs. Good of you to notice how your appetite changes!
      To stop any addiction, there is a special treatment. You add one extra step before doing the 9 steps, but you can only do this after 4 weeks of doing the MIR-Method. I made a video about it: Overcoming your addiction with the MIR-Method. Please bare in mind that an addiction is there because of hard, old emotions. You may notice some of these emotions while doing the treatment, which is fine. And you need to continu it for at least 4 months. Good luck and let me know some day how you are doing!
      Greetings from the Netherlands1
      Mireille Mettes

  3. After just one day, !!!, I was able to sort out and separate two different life situations that seem difficult. I had gotten stuck in the seeming complexity if what to do about my situations. Now I can suddenly see what to do. It’s easy now to take the steps. I feel motivated to act, which is something I was unable to do before. There’s a new clarity that I feel. I’m very surprised. This technique seems so simple and yet my needed changes are happening quite easily. Wow!

    • Dear Raha,
      That is so great! I am really happy for you! It means that you helped your subconscious (unconscious?) to lift the veils that were covering the decisions. Great! It also means that your total ability to take action has increased. This will surely contribute to your life. I am very happy for you and grateful that you wanted to share it with me. Let me know what other improvements you notice!
      Mireille Mettes

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