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5. Problems Sleeping: Trouble Falling Asleep and Inability to Sleep — 4 Comments

  1. Já conheço o Método há alguns anos. Tenho aplicado em muitas situações com bons resultados. Vou aplicar à insónia que me tem prejudicado nos últimos tempos. Obrigado.

  2. The MIR method has helped me so much.I am so grateful for your beautiful work and simplicity of the MIR method.
    It is truly magical.
    It gave me the boost to break out of codependancy and change many other bad habits.
    This article on sleep applies to me so much.Ive been unable to get to the root of the sleeplessness for many years, but now I’ll restart the MIR method for it and see how it goes.I am hopeful.

    Thank you,
    Much love and light,

    • Dear Vanika,
      Great to hear that from you, thank you! Would you like to share some of your ‘bad habits’ that have gone? When you think about the cause of sleeplessness, try to think about if something happened to you when you were a child. Maybe you were startled from something or someone. Maybe you were sleeping at your aunt’s and something happened. Soon as you realize, you can let it go by using the MIR-Method. Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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