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4. Female Problem: Adapting, Neglecting Yourself and Forgetting Your Own Importance — 6 Comments

  1. Hi,everytime I do the method for 4 week I become weepy and irritated with everyone and everything around me. I think I am detoxing but I stop because I cant stand being that way. What advice do you have for me?f

    • Dear Pj,
      Yes, that is very possible. Please look inward to find out why you are so angry inside. And please, drink much water when you pick up the MIR-Method again. It helps you to detox more quickly. When you don’t drink water, the toxification process causes the irritation due to the fact that the liver will have to much burden.
      Greetings, Mireille

  2. My mother is not so problematic. It’s my step sister from my mother’s first marriage. She has near destroyed me treating me as though I’m o was her daughter to manipulate my 90,yearvold mother.
    It’s my 53 birthday and the worst day of my life. I have left my partner been terrified of my sister and her tenant for four years. All my fault but when people manipulate with threats and bribes and you are not versed in their tactics because you didn’t do it yourself. She coorhanised with a friend who nearly had me committed because I was not intetesyed in a lesbianism relationship with her. I I will stop writing g I. I doubted g this on the phone. I was do traumatised by Johns violence and then that of my sister that living at my mother’s house I could not bear to wash my hair for nine months. I am still traumatised be a use I didn’t go with John now to escape my sister.

    I have been MIR, ING for a week. When I do it I felt stronger inner tween tine so bad still.

    I now fade John violence if and when I go back to my farm. I tried to speak with N y sister about f my fears but she turned it back on me.

    Don’t trust your sister it may not only the e your mother

    • Dear Nina,
      I really hope you will find some other people who can help you. Being manipulated is quite severe and takes years to get it out of your system. Take care and please ask for help. Maybe from a pediatrician?
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. It is so very interesting! I always relate my life, my health to my mother’s. And I don’t want to always be sick, as she was. I an sure my leg, not healing completely, has to do with that fact. But I still haven’t been successful in reversing this situation. Any advice?

    • Dear Ana,
      You’re already very conscious of the way your mother set an example and how you are not willing to follow in her footsteps. Just keep doing the MIR-Method and you will detach yourself from the way your mother has lived her life.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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