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11. Frequent Urination, an Irritating Problem — 13 Comments

  1. Hi, Mireille,
    I have done the Mir method several times and found it very useful.
    My question now:
    I just started a detox protocol with my holistic doctors.
    Can I still do this method, at the sane time?
    I have very frequent urination, especially at night, my pelvic muscles are weak.

    • Dear Ana,
      Yes, you can always do the MIR-Method next to regular treatment. Please inform you doctors.
      The MIR-Method will support the treatment by your doctors.
      Greetings, Mireille

  2. Last year my Testosterone was 722 ng/dl normal range is 438 – 1197 ng/dl. This year my
    testosterone is 433 ng/dl. I now have ED [Erectile Disfunction]. Can the MIR method help?

    • Dear Donald,
      We recently heard of a Dutch man whose erectile disfunction has solved. For him the cause was mainly emotional, since he lost his wife 1 1/2 years ago. If your ED is mainly emotional, you really have a good chance of improvement! If the cause is purely hormonal you also have a good chance. Usually hormonal disfunctions are cause by deep emotional layers. So I am quite hopeful for you.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. Hi there,
    I have been doing the MIR-Method for about a month now. This last 2 weeks, I have had sinus problems, stuffy and sometimes runny nose. This is new to me. Have you ever heard of this before when starting to do the MIR-Method?

    • Dear Kathy,
      Yes, we often hear this. It is one of the ways of the body to clean itself. One reason is that it is taking care of bacteria. Make sure you drink a couple of glasses of water every day. And please just continue the MIR-Method.
      I wish you good health!
      Mireille Mettes

  4. Dear Mirelle,
    I have completed 4 weeks of MIR method but still continue doing it. I noticed 1 thing during the 2nd week. I was close to my periods and every cycle when its 20 to 21 days i used to get breast soreness and kind of irritability. But last month (april 2014) i had very mild breast soreness(barely noticeable) and in terms of moods i was quite ok. Today again its 20 days since LMP and i’m carefully observing again there is very mild soreness less than last month. I hope its the ‘Balance hormone system’ part that is helping this. (i’m 41 years old).
    Thanks and Regards

    • Dear Sujatha,
      I am very happy for you! Yes, this is one of the results I notice more often with women, including my own experience. It has to do with issues with mother (step 3) and with the family line of women. Besides that, it is indeed step 6, Balance Hormone System. And often Chakra 2 is involved. That chakra is just at the height of your womb.
      I am very happy for you and hope it will continue to be this gentle for you!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  5. Just to let you know, I find the MIR method very helpful in my life. I use it an I find it helps me ground myself. Each of the steps is an entry point to awareness. It’s an amazing tool and I thank you for it. Your weekly tips are very helpful! Blessings to you.

    • Dear Cristina,
      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! Am very glad that the MIR-Method helps you in your life!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  6. I have been doing MIR method since half februari. But there is no lessening in going to urinate, nails and hair still brittle. Still heavily overweighted in spite of eating mostly only vegetables and taking vegetable and fruit juices

    • Dear Isha,
      That is a real pity! There must be more work to do for you, but it is disappointing that you haven’t noticed any improvement up till now. What I have noticed, is that there is 1 strong reason when people have no improvement whatsoever: “Our deepest fear that we are powerful beyond measure.” (Marianne Williamson) Could it be that there is any reason for you not to shine? I have a great weak spot for people who are overweight because of their intense power of love.
      Hope you recognize any of this. And that you are willing to continue the MIR-Method.
      Good luck!!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

      • Hoi Mireille
        Ik ben net 50 geworden en gebruik de MIR method nu ruim 1 jaar. Het heeft me erg geholpen met sleeplessness (constant wakker worden en niet in slaap kunnen komen) en met opvliegers (menopause). Ik ben beide symptomen gewoon kwijt en voel me zo veel beter. Het enige waar ik niet vanaf kom is frequent urinating. Nu ik dit zo lees zal ik eens meer concentreren op de 9 stappen. Pelvis oefening zijn erg moeilijk en ik geloof dat mijn oefeningen (die ik nu 2 jaar doe) gewoon niet goed doe en verkeerde spieren aantrek. Sorry for writing in dutch, I dont get much of a chance to do so :). Thank you for sharing the MIR method, its been great.

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