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  1. Hi Mireille
    I have been using the MIR method for 2 weeks and a few days faith all the nine steps. When I started anxiety and fear were already with me. I work and have a full day of energy and exercise. The level of anxiety has gone down but many time I feel like wanting to take a deep breath every time. However other things like blood pressure readings have stabilized.

  2. Thank you for your insight into our hearts. I am privileged to work with my own unconsciousness in this safe and healing way. I began 10 days ago with 5 and 7 as you suggest for chronic illness. The third day I remembered more details of trauma that occurred at age 8 months. It put my whole suffering in perspective and I am on my way to a real life of increased happiness and productivity. Who knew you could start over again at age seventy? Also my dogs love it. I call it their prayers and they respond with an inner quiet that comforts us all.

    • Dear Jean,
      I am so happy for you! In the Netherlands we have quite a lot of 60+ people that do the MIR-Method! Wishing you and your dogs increasing health and happiness!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. Dear Mireille,
    I have worked on many methods to clear chronic fatigue and depression and although I improved never really cleared the obstacles. I had a background in kinesiology so could see this method had a great chance of success if I opened up to it and lovingly accepted myself as best as I could. Detaching from emotional programs I had from my parents and upbringing was very important, along with all the other steps. Also doing it for 4 weeks allows for new pathways to become permanent in the brain. I thank you for being such a wonderful open being giving this to others. There are angels on Earth,

    • Dear Bronwyn,
      Thank you for your recognition and very kind words! I am very happy that I set it free. I never imagined so many people would pick it up and benefit from it. It’s just great to witness this all!
      Hope it brings you much, much good!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  4. Ik veronderstel dat deze ook in het nederlands bestaat, Mireille?
    Lieve groeten,

  5. I have been wondering about the affect of past lives on my health. Could the MIR Method help clear past life trauma?

    • Dear Katie,
      Yes, the method includes past life trauma. The method will wipe out, bit by bit, any memory or emotion that is still bothering you.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  6. Hi Mireille, I have been using the MIR-Method religiously since early January. While it seems to work well for others, I can’t say I’ve seen any positive changes in myself. I was hoping to feel better emotionally. It’s not a big time commitment but I’m not sure if I should continue. I feel disappointed. Thank you in advance for your comments.

    • Dear Lisa,
      Yes, there are more people like you for who it takes more time before the emotions start to let go. Do you do all 9 steps like it is explained in the video? I will write an article about it, because when people use it not long enough, it can cause disappointment. I hope you are willing to continu and if results take too long, just make a one time appointment with one of the MIR-Method guides, so he/she can find out what is still blocking you.
      Good luck!!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  7. I love this method, simple, to the point, no frills and it works. Am glad that I know about it and that I can leave all medical treatments in the pharmacy, thus saving me a lot of money, time and energy.
    Thank you very much.

    • Dear Kunie,
      Am so glad to hear that it brings you so much good! I hope you can inspire many others to give it a try too! Thank you for sharing it! If you have any results, could you please write them at the Testimonials page? Thank you!
      Good luck!
      Mireille Mettes

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