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  1. During this session on forgiveness I could not stop yawning…..short, medium and huge yawns. My eyes were watering also. I really love doing this method. I feel better immediately.

  2. Dearest Mireille,
    I have done the MIR-Method since my daughter introduced it to me during my breast cancer recovery journey almost 4 years ago. This article is like the affirmation of the whole holistic process for me, or an ‘aha’ moment of awareness. As an adult child of an alcoholic I take to heart any criticism and feel like it is my fault when someone is critical. I try not to take things too personal and Mir has helped tremendously with this, and in resolving conflict. But somehow this resonated with me so much as a validation. Thank you. I will continue the MIR-Method with love and peace thanks to you and your life work, a grace from God.

    • Dear Nancy,
      Such a helpful way of putting it: being the child of an alcoholic, your ways as a child are never good enough. You then grow up in a very unsafe environment, which causes you to feel that it is all your fault as a child. It is SO good that you are aware of this AND of forgiving yourself. For the deeds you never did.
      Thank you for embracing the MIR-Method. May it bring you good health!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. Dear Mireille,
    I find the MIR-Method technique very powerful and effective as well as gentle. Now, I recommend it as a protocol to all of my clients as I remind them a holistic approach requires the whole team – practitioner and client – must work. It is wonderful that the MIR-Method puts the user in the drivers seat. Having done professional muscle testing for decades, I see the global usefulness of the MIR-Method for every human ailment.

    Do you have a particular suggestion for a person who frequently attracts negative non-physical energies? This person is militant, condemning, and unable to forgive, holding onto grudges for years. He is on the brink of using the MIR-Method for himself due to being motivated by an important goal of reunifying with an estranged and beloved daughter. Thank you for your generous sharing of your MIR-Method.

    • Dear Theresa,
      Thank you for embracing the MIR-Method. And for your words of recognition. Yes, I find it wonderful that clients can do so much all by themselves. Regarding your client. The answer lies in the meridians, the liver meridian. Please check to find out if he uses alcohol and ask to drink less. And use interventions to make him express the anger and resentment on paper or during physical activity, next to doing the MIR-Method. I hope he will want to give it a try, because it can surely accelerate his process.
      Greetings and hope to hear some results with your clients!
      Mireille Mettes

  4. DearMireille,
    Thank you so very much for your valuable guidance but the process of mir for forgiveing ourselves do we start with step 4,7,8 and after this we should to all 9 steps again
    Bit confused .I hope you will not minding to guide pls.with best regards

    • Dear Vrushali,
      I can imagina you are confused. How to do it: put your hand on your heart. Stroke your hand with your other hand. While stroking, you say ALL 9 steps. Always do all of them. Repeat them 3 times. Please watch the instruction video where I show you how to do the 9 steps.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille

      • Dear mir loads of love to you watched the video and all clear .i advised to many of my friend and they too happy doing it and finding great the easy way you make for us .Hummble grattitude for you from bottom of my heart.soon reply with my experiance to you.thank you

        With best reagards

        • Dear Vrushali,
          Thank you for your kind words and recognition. I am VERY happy that you show the MIR-Method to your friends. Thank you very much. I hope it brings them much good.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful information. My Granddaughter and I have been doing the 9 steps now for 2 1/2 week. We are sharing the information and also using the steps on pets. I did TFH years ago and always found it helpful. Appreciate you and the energetic lightness of this system.

    • Dear Beverly,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. So great to see you know Touch for Health. It was the first step for me in the way of creating the MIR-Method. Once I learned muscle testing I was capable of developing the MIR-Method. Great you learnt it too!
      Thank you for using the MIR-Method and for sharing it with others! Let me know how you are doing and if you notice any results. And about the pets too!
      Good luck!

  6. Thank you, Mireille. This is accurate, as far as I am concerned. Perhaps one can add that on top of this guilt misery, a certain type of New-Age thinking hast taught us to accuse ourselves of “self-sabotage” and “resistance” and lots of other things that only serve to deepen the rift in our hearts.

    That’s why I like the MIR-Method. It has less theoretical ballast than other approaches and is not as heavily encumbered with interpretations you don’t know how to handle (let alone implement) when after quite a few decades you still can’t forgive yourself for not being able to please them.

    After nine weeks of mirring, there is little in the way of change. Perhaps you could say that the problem is standing out in sharper contour. I did the extra exercise in the beginning (since you mentioned it in the Dutch version of this article) and will take it up again.

    There is something simple, quiet, soothing and heartening about your way of putting things. Refreshing.

    • Dear Jochen,
      Thank you very much for the recognition. I am glad the MIR-Method fits well with the way you live your life. And what you describe is what often happens: the real cause of the problem becomes clearer and clearer, so that in the end it is much easier to let go of the problem.
      Hope it will work out for you that way too!
      Good luck!

      • Dear Mireille,

        I forgot to ask: Should I use the extra exercise as a standard or just occasionally?


        • Dear Jochen,
          Use it for a week and then feel what you want to do next. I used it for a week and then I went back to the usual stroking.
          Good luck!

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