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108. Oxytocin, The Happy Cuddle Hormone — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Mireille, Thank you for the MIR-Method.

    I read Dr. Uvnäs-Moberg´s book a year ago, very inspiring.
    MIR-method has helped me during several years, to handle stressproblems.

    I am so grateful for the MIR-Method.


  2. I am ardently practicing,MIR,for the last one year.. I request you to pl explain how MIR Metod, for NEURO COGNITIVE ILLNESS. My friend’s grandson, is 2 years old.But has the growth of a 4 months child.He is medically diagnosed as… Neuro Cognitive Illness afflicted…Pl guide. Gratitude,in advance.

    • Dear Guhapriya,
      Could you please contact a MIR-Method guide? They can help you find the root cause of the illness.
      Greetings, Mireille

  3. Today I did the first time mir method. When I stroke my hand . I felt the energy fulfilling my hands.

  4. Most interesting. I plan to implement the Oxytocin Method in my MIR routine. Will report
    my results.

    Thanks for your article. Blessings !!

    • Dear Donald,
      What do you meant with ‘the Oxytocin Method’? The MIR-Method already activates the oxytocine in your body, so no need to to anything else but the 9 steps!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  5. Dear Mireille, I found this article on the Happy Cuddle Hormone was very interesting. I have only recently started using the MIR Method (two days ago)but even the first time I used it I felt this wonderful feeling of happiness come over me. I did not understand why but just enjoyed it. Reading your article has explained it all. Just one question. Can I do the exercise more often than twice a day? Sometimes when I am feeling stressed I want to do it again. A friend of mine introduced it to me and now I want to pass it on to other people.Thank you very much.

    • Dear Lindsey,
      How wonderful that you could feel the impact of the MIR-Method! Yes, you can do the MIR-Method extra if you feel stressed, but usually 2 times a day is enough, because your body already works hard to release all old emotions. Thank your friend from me to introduce it to you. And I hope many people in South Africa will want to give it a try!
      Good luck!
      Mireille Mettes

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