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190. Useful Diarrhea, 5 Causes — 4 Comments

  1. there are many variations in peoples’ experiences with diarrhea. Some folks are so full of hardened waste from years of constipation, only liquid stool can exit through all the tight areas created by the congestion. If you are never constipated and you get diarrhea. it can be cleansing as described so beautifully by Mireille, but if you have small amounts of liquid stool often and you also have a history of inadequate eliminations, you may very well be full of impacted waste that isn’t moving well and only the liquid can get by. This is a very common response to laxatives because the bowel is too weak to move the big hard waste.

    • Dear Carla,
      I think this is quite a shocking, but important extra cause of diarrhea. Thank you for adding it! Maybe the use of laxatives is more widespread then I know. And yes, the intestines then become ‘lazy’, which will create a much bigger problem. Hope people will look into it and make profound changes into their habit of laxatives!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. Well, perfect you should mention it!
    I had that going on last night. Many rounds that kept me running back to the toilet.
    I thought I was done, then another rumble in “Lower Slobovia” as my mother used to call it.

    It actually felt like a good release. Ive had ALOT going on that’s been troubling me both physically and emotionally ending in taking a combo of meds the night before that did not agree with me made me dizzy and nauseous and weak.
    So maybe that was being purged out of my system.
    Also maybe all the ice cream I ate last night!
    Thank you for this insightful article.

    Gratefully Yours,


    • Dear Martha,
      Thank you for seeing it as a way in which your body really wants to clean itself!
      And oh oh oh, that ice cream. It is so totally not helpful for your body. Hope your emotional troubles will subside very soon!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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