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99. Two Reasons and 3 Tips for When You Start to Dislike Bread — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed for the past 2-3 weeks everytime I try to consume bread I do exactly what the man did at the end! I hate the chew/ texture, the taste is annoying and I just don’t want it in my mouth! I will try the MRI method from here on out with everything I consume. I thought I was going crazy because I use to love subs/ sandwiches but now I can barley eat those items. I think my body is trying to communicate because I don’t even like occasionally drinking anymore.

  2. I dont like bread never could eat it,I never like it as a child I don’t like it now make me want to throw up when I put it in my mouth,when I was a child just smelling of it made me want to throw up

    • Dear Patricia,
      It’s such a good thing that you stayed true to your taste and need for bread, which is obviously ‘zero’! You must surely have inspired others by eating other foods than bread!
      Thank you for that!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

    • me to im 11 years old i cant eat bread the second i put it in my mouth i feel like i have to barf (and my family and friends make fun of me because of it :(. )

  3. Last August I had my final chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and have been trying to regain my stamina. January, 2016, I started an eating lifestyle with NO sugar, alcohol, grains, corn and corn products, no dairy. Normally I am a pretty clean eater anyway, but omitting these foods for 30 days (WHOLE 30) and eating only real foods has helped immensely. What I noticed was I did not have cravings. How could that be? I prayed a lot, and I am sure that helped, but I also had started MIR-Method last March, 2015 at my daughter’s suggestion. I did this religiously for more than several months, as I was in treatment for breast cancer. I now attribute MIR-Method is the other main component. This is so exciting for me. It is not about will-power, but rather the food we put into our body three times a day! I will continue MIR-Method as I know this is a main part of my journey back to strong health. Thank you! This article is ‘spot-on’!

    • Dear Nancy,
      I just got a shower of tinglings over my body! Thank you for sharing! Yes, it is amazing what our bodies and subconscious can do! I am very happy you take food so seriously and take such good care of yourself. It is all about loving yourself and taking care of your body. Well done! Thank you for embracing the MIR-Method and I wish you all good that life still has to offer for you! And thank you to your daughter for sharing it with you!
      Good luck, big hug! <3
      Mireille Mettes

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