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191. Are You Becoming Vegetarian By Doing the MIR-Method? — 4 Comments

  1. Hello,
    I would like to fast, should I continue the MIR-Method?
    Knowing that fasting already cleans up very hard, is not it incompatible to do both at the same time?

    thank you

    • Dear Virginie,
      You can do the MIR-Method while you’re fasting. No problem. It will support your days and will support the clean-up of your body in a way that you can handle.
      Have a good fasting!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. There is a blog called the Better Have in St Louis in the US. The tips for shops are local to there but they often recommend better eating habits, promote vegan eating and give advice on generally cutting toxins and toxicity out of our lives in order to live better.

    • Dear Amanda,
      That is quite a useful website, because she also deals with toxins in make-up, for example. Thank you for sharing!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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