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45. When the Door to Your Heart is Locked — 8 Comments

    • Dear Muyesser,
      I am ever so happy that I shared it with everyone! Thank you for embracing the MIR-Methode! I hope it will bring you much good!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  1. I have yet to experience the loss of a really loved one. However, it is my understanding that death, like birth is an act of creation. Additionally, just before we are to fully cross over the other side we are asked one question…the most important questions we’ll ever be asked…”Do you want to go back?” If on a soul level we still have things to work on we can come back. But if it is decided, from the soul level, to move on, then it is a perfect “death”, because there is nothing more to “remember” in that particular incarnation. I can recommend the following book: “Home With God – in a life that never ends” by Neale Donald Walsch.

    I understand that this article deals with the emotions on a physical level, and I believe that a full grieving process is crucial to go through…”The Wheel of Life” by Elisabeth Kubler Ross may be of help.

    Love and light to all,

    • Dear Charles,
      Thank you for adding the wonderful works of Mr. Walsh and Mrs. Kubler Ross! Yes, the MIR-Method works on both the physical and emotional level. I understand what you write and it may be comforting, but once you lose a loved one, the bitter reality of it, can have quite a strong bittering effect on people. I truly hope it will take you a long, long time before you have to experience it.
      Good luck!
      Mireille Mettes

  2. I lost all my loved ones, including myself, more than half a century ago when I was very little. We all went on living, sort of; we didn’t notice we were dead, every last shred of love beaten and screamed and despised out of everyone. Or so it felt.

    Fortunately, even this kind of loss without “real” loss seems to be addressed by the Mir process. After just six weeks of applying it, it’s too early for an account, but what I can say at this point is that many things start moving and shifting inside and minor physical kinks are beginning to clear up.

    Thanks, Mireille.


    • Dear Jochen,
      Yes, you are so right. Emotional loss of people is also addressed with the MIR-Method. Reading your ‘story’ it looks like you have had quite a sad life. I am glad you notice a shift inside. I hope you will start to notice soon that it will give you much more relief and your life will start to feel much lighter!
      Peace to you too!
      Mireille Mettes

      • Indeed, dear Mireille, a sad story and a story of sadness. And there is anger, of course, there is guilt and shame and, worst of all, fear. All because of too much violence so many years ago. It doesn’t make much sense to me, nor do the explanations I’ve heard and read about or found myself.

        But doing the MIR-Method steps, it seems to me there is much to look forward to. After so many attempted solutions in the fields of therapy and spirituality, my impression is that the MIR-Method might finally be simple and straightforward enough to return this heart to what it was when it came here.


        • Dear Jochen,
          I truly sympathize with you. It feels like there is much healing going on in Germany and I am very glad about that! Please look at all your previous attempts of healing as building blocks. They were not in vain, but were always building you up, no matter if you felt hardly anything. The MIR-Method can now build upon every therapy you have done before, so all the work you have done previously, will help the MIR-Method to work stronger. Well done!
          Hope you keep your hopes up and keep looking at all the people that are with you and that are also lifting themselves up. There are millions of them!
          Good luck!
          Mireille Mettes

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