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  1. A further comment. It may be hard to accept and acknowledge that we do choose our feelings and emotions and can therefore choose to change them, view ourselves from a different perspective. This is where the MIR method can assist so much because of the ways it can strengthen your consciousness and effect you both physically and emotionally in a very positive way.
    Thank you, Mireille, for all that you do and for sharing your knowledge so graciously and freely.

  2. Hello
    I am writing from Canada. Here, where I live, the city is taking steps to encourage neighbourhood activities and participation. I have a small project called “Partners in Learning”.
    We get together to share knowledge of subjects that are of interest to the group. I have organized presenters on, gardening, Fire prevention, wellness topics, de-cluttering, and a host of other topics. I moved to the area last year and it has been a wonderful way to meet people and make friends. We plan to make trips to places of interest within the city too.
    I highly recommend singing in a choir! There are several articles on how good for you this is.
    As a divorced (many years ago) grandmother, I find one can feel isolated even within a family gathering when you can feel like “the odd one out” because of age and interests. Fortunately I have a wonderful family who I feel love and respect me so those moments of loneliness don’t last too long and don’t happen very often.
    If I cannot connect physically, I usually connect to friends via phone, or email etc.
    I like to study, write poetry, have many interests, but acknowledge that, once in a while loneliness is part of my life. I just move past it. I have a very strong spiritual reality and know that I am never truly alone, so this too is a comfort during those times.

  3. Mireille
    I have many friends who want to be with me but I more and more avoid people because I am so sad. I sometimes don’t leave the house for days. Now I’ve noticed that when I go out I feel a sort of panic.
    My son died suddenly 9 years ago at 39. two year later my husband left and fell in love with another woman after 27 years of marriage.
    I can’t seem to recover and be free of loneliness and grief. I have been sick too. First Asthma then 2 hip replacements, bronchitis, vertigo and pneumonia. I cam to the MIR-Method to improve my immune system.
    I can’t stand myself.
    I did the MIR-Method for three months and noticed some changes but since I stopped I seem to be fearful and angry all over again.
    Therapy really doesn’t help.
    I’m a mess but I think I appear in control and funny to the outside world while I’m so alone on the inside.

    • Dear Lucille,
      It is so sad to read how you’re feeling. Does music help you at all? And maybe, if you could give it one more try, consult a MIR-Method coach. She can help you and teach you what to do to shake off this feeling of withdrawing in your own cocoon.
      Wishing you happiness again!
      Greetings, Mireille

  4. I caught my husband cheating on me, he left that girl as we have been married for 19 yrs & have been together for 25 yrs. we have 3 children.. My problem is that I’m deeply hurt with his action & can’t completely trust him. Also we have lost the friendship part of our relationship. Can’t u help me Pls??? Is there anyway I can revive our relationship???

    • Dear Simmi,
      To rebuild trust, takes time. You CAN heal the hurt with the MIR-Method, but it will take time. Also make sure you talk with your husband to find out what needs he has and if something is missing for him. Make sure you also let him know what you need in the relationship. It would be an idea to interview one another to find out. I wrote an article about this. And it can be quite good fun! 23. Interview your sweetheart.
      Many women are capable to forgive their husband, however it should be quite clear that it is just this one time, and there’ll be no next time. Always mention your boundaries, in a loving way.
      Take good care of yourself and I truly hope you two can be happy again!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

      • Plan small.activities with your partner, what did you truelly enjoy together when the relationship was young. Movie, gardening, travelling and then try to.laugh. he missed something otherwise he would not have sidestepped,courage to.glue the pieces back together. Diana Belgium

        • Dear Diana,
          That’s a very important step to find back the happiness in a relationship! Thank you for adding!
          Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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