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72. Music, Your Daily Power Boost — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Mireille!

    I am surprised that you dont have on your list:
    Michael Jackson -We are the world,Man in the mirror or Heal the world
    (which could be the anthem of the Mir Method I think )MJ has so many
    inspiring songs.I also like
    Mariah Carey – Hero
    Whitney Houston – Greatest love
    Celine Dion – Love can move mountains


    • Dear Molly,
      Thank you for adding these great songs! Actually, Heal the world was once in one of my days when we celebrated the anniversary of 5 years MIR-Method, so yes, I totally agree with you!
      Heal yourself – heal the world.
      Good luck! And lots of fun with the music!
      Greetings, Mireille

  2. Patty Griffin – Heavenly Day
    Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
    The Cure – Friday I’m in Love

    • Dear Teri,
      Hey, I didn’t know that song yet of the Cure. Thanks for letting us know! And the singer Patty Griffin is new to me. Yeah, another treasure to discover! I gotta feeling is in my car and helps me to keep up the spirit!
      Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have a book of 100 ballads and am often belting out songs at various times of the day and/or night. One of my favorites is FLY ME TO THE MOON.

    • Dear Susan,
      Oh, that sounds wonderful! Yes, I love that song too. It is sort of comforting, isn’t it?
      Hope you keep on singing forever and ever!

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