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  1. I was born a twin, so I shared the womb with a being of the opposite sex. Back in 1947 folks separated twins (especially a girl and a boy) in different cribs. This, plus a mother who didn’t breast feed but had two babies to manage and three other children meant very little physical contact and attention. Separating from my twin was disturbing and confusing and it’s only at age 75 that we are finding each other again and beginning to heal this experience and our relationship. Yes, how we were born, when and to whom, are very critical indicators of our life in this physical world. Thanks for your article.

  2. My mom blurted out the story of my pre and post birth one Mother’s Day after she had enjoyed a couple of martini’s!

    In 1960 my mother was a patient in a specialized mental hospital for extremely depressed patients. She was treated with the drugs of the day and electric shock therapy. As the months went by she started to improve and was allowed to go home from time to time on “weekend furloughs”. I was conceived during on of these home visits but the doctors did not know for some time that my mom was pregnant–she had not menstruated for over a year due to skeletal skinniness. Apparently I was conceived at the first possible opportunity regarding her ovulation situation!

    And I was along for the ride when my mom had electric shock treatments. In those days you were awake for the treatment. She was terrified each time and remembered especially the psychiatric nurse putting something in her mouth to bite down on! When everybody figured out mom was pregnant all the treatments stopped, of course. Being pregnant accelerated her recovery and she was discharged earlier than expected.

    Mom said I never moved even once that she could feel during the entire pregnancy. She went to her family doctor worried about the stillness and he said I was OK but that I was scared. An doctor ahead of his time! Home was not a fun place partly because my father was an alcoholic with an diagnosed psychiatric illness. Plus I would inmagine I already had enough to be scared about after the hospital segment of my life and my mom’s life.

    Mom went into labour one month before her due date but I would not come out. In 1961 you were allowed to be in labour for a few days–cesarean sections were quite uncommon then. A few days after her labour started mom felt a rush of wetness between her legs. She called a nurse, the nurse lifted the blanket and shrieked, “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy” and went running out the door and down the hall. The bleeding was later described to my mom as being like”a fire hose”.

    I was taken out during emergency surgery and we both lived to tell (and hear) the tale!

    I stayed in the ICU nursery for a number of weeks because I was less than 5 pounds. Mom said the nurses fought over who got to take care of me. I don’t know why exactly but they thought I was the greatest baby ever! I’m sure I needed a break with something positive to happen so that is nice to know about.

    You mention being grounded in your article. Lately I have been having terrible problems with having a lot of static electricity in my body. I always had extra (watches won’t run on my wrist) but right now it’s crazy. An electrical theme it seems. Thank you for this timely article–I will MIR my way through. We all get here some way.

  3. The MIR method continues to change and heal my life.
    My birth and the months preceding my birth were filled with trauma.
    My biological mother admitted that she tried everything she could to prevent a full term pregnancy and live birth.
    This explains so very much.
    I am so very grateful to you for having the grace and the courage to share your method and for making it available to all.
    Bless your beautiful heart.

    • Dear Cynthia,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! And I am very pleased to read that it helps you become aware of what may be the cause of any complaints you may have. Glad to read that the MIR-Method works so well for you! Keep going!
      Greetings, Mireille

  4. Dear Mireille
    Thank you for doing so much good in the world. You have helped me so much.
    After 3 years old I was no longer with my parents,
    I went under hypnosis and viewed myself being born.
    My Mother was in despair and anguish as she was ill, husband not
    supportive,no money, children at home ,not enough food.What to do with another child??
    Lucky for me ,my mother was very religious, and as I was born, she
    handed me up to God.
    I do have emotiional sensitivety,and until 6 years old a troubled
    childhood, but I always felt a ball of white light dancing around me that
    has kept me safe and taken me through my tramas.
    I am 86 Years old now and have a lovely supportive family around me and wonderful friends. I live a peacefull happy life.
    My proplem is asthma and severe allergies.
    I do your MIR-method,it sure has helped but the allergies and asthma
    are still with me although getting better.+
    Thank you again for your wonderful heart.

    • Dear Millie,
      Thank you for your life story! Your start in life has been quite a challenge! How wonderful that you felt the protection of this light energy around you! Please note that asthma can have deep grief underneath and may take a long time (months-years) to heal. Same goes for the allergies. You may consider a consultation with a MIR-Method coach, but as long as you feel it gets better, you are well on your way!
      Good luck!

  5. Dear,
    I’m going through a tough time in life. I caught my husband cheating on me. He promised & left that girl. That girl was a prostitute from Pakistan. But I found out that even after all the promises & swearing on kids he was still with her. I caught him again & he again pleaded & I gave him chance. 6 times this happened & finally that girl was sent back to her country last year. We have been together for 25 yrs & married for 20 yrs. we have 3 children. I still love him & don’t want to get separated. but now I’m very insecured & can’t trust him anymore… Please suggest what can I do & how can I make him see that the other girl only wants money from him… I want him back in the family… So does my children & his parents. He makes me feel very lonely & unwanted.

    • Dear Simmi,
      Thank you for your openness! It is very hard for you what you have gone through. I understand how difficult it may be. You have given him many more chances, which he can be grateful for. The way I look at it, is that your self esteem needs to be stronger and you need to set boundaries. When you feel again what a great woman you are, raising 3 children and even supporting your husband, you will understand how lucky your husband should be. I hope for him that you can forgive him and that you can bring your marriage back to bloom. However, you do need to discuss what happens if he would ever cheat again. You are wonderful and he should understand what he puts at stake if he repeats.
      Thank you so much for your openness and I truly hope you can find back each other’s love!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  6. I solved life problems with mindfull loving kindness, buddhist meditation, and mindfully walking the 8 foldpath.Holsing to 5 precepts first in dayly life
    MIR-Method did not work for me. There is more to life than this. Looked quite some time to a spot where i could silently tell that i do not need your emails anymore, but did not see one on my phone. So i choose this way. May you be happy

    • Dear Isha,
      Thank you for your message. I unsubscribed you from the newsletter, so it should work now. I am very happy for you that you found a way. Any way is fine. People just need to find their way to heal. MIR-Method or any other method. Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you are happy too!
      Greetings, Mireille

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