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  1. I am losing my mother just in the last month and am not able to cry –I am in shock and numb will see how I can get along with the MIR-Method thank you

  2. Thank you for all your Newsletters over the year, this one on Grief is really right for the end of the year. I have attended 2 funerals this year. The 2nd one felt more like a celebration of that person life but the one who is left will have their moments of Grief. we have all had someone who has passed. We have moments of sadness as we reflect on past events. Suddenly we might feel sad or a sense of loss and don’t know why. or again grief not just for a person but a situation or experience.
    So I think doing the MIR- method this week would be very good for many of us to help see in the New Year
    Thanking you with best wishes for health Joy & wellness in 2017

    • Dear Pamela,
      Yes, thank you for adding this to the article. I guess it is a good thing to allow the sadness to be there next to the joy. Thank you for your kind words and wishes! Hope for you also good health and joy in 2017!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. On the 11th of October 2016 my younger sister passed away rather suddenly. Yesterday as we, my mother, her daughter and her grandchildren, and my son, sat together, we took the time to read thru the condoleances card. As the youngest granddaughter read the positive words that people wrote, we were able to comment. And yes we even had some laughter.
    Her daughter has also said that she was angry because her mother did not take care of herself. I think all verball expressions help in airing the deeper feelings of our heart.
    personally I tear up easier at present, a song, a comment, a particular situation. As she has only one daughter and I have sons, I am happy she has always been part of our family. It makes it easier to go thru these times.

    • Dear Diana,
      So heartwarming how you two took time to read the condoleances cards. Am happy to see she has found someone to talk to. Wishing you strength to feel through the sadness that was in your life this year…
      Mireille Mettes

  4. Mireille,
    I have been doing the MIR-Method and found it has helped immensely to ease my anxiety. Before starting this, I had already begun meditation and in particular focusing on grief/guilt. I wanted to share something that I have found useful. According to Chinese medicine the lung is related to grief.

    I found this on You Tube…

    It is from an old TV show (1954) and this woman inspired me. She’s 78, in 1954 and she can do this exercise better than me!! You can fast forward to about 21:20 minutes to see the “spunky old woman” do her breathing exercises. What I do differently is that I exhale through the mouth as my arms descend and I visualize the toxins from grief being forced out. ( I ask my cells to release any toxins related to grief) It is a great chest opener but when I add the visualization it makes a difference for me. And yes—–I totally agree with you that tears must be shed, grief must be felt and it is OK to feel horrible. After my mother died (and still today 6 years later) I allow the tears to flow and then I get moving again by reminding myself that my mother does not want me to be sad. So I then decide to do something to honor her—even if it as simple as cooking myself a healthy meal. Thank you for sharing this method–you are a blessing!

    • Dear Eliza,
      How sensitive you handle your grief, inspiring. Remembering your mother, feeling the grief and then letting go of it with a small ceremony. Yes, the lung meridian is connected to grief. And it’s a good thing to clear that meridian. Have you also read article 58. Free Your Lungs of Grief. It has everything to do with what you mention about Chinese medicine. And holding in the grief can actually cause lung issues. Thanks for adding the video! I was laughing when I saw this lady telling Grouch Marx to put away his cigar!
      Greetings and thanks for sharing the MIR-Method!
      Mireille Mettes

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