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15. Angry? Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve! — 4 Comments

    • Dear Trent,
      Yes, I heard that lately that ‘haters’ in fact forget to live their own life…
      Thanks for commenting!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  1. Hi and thanks for your email. I have sent numberous emails asking how to do this with no response. Do I tap somewhere or what using these statements or what? Is there a charge for the answer to this question? If I do not get an answer this time I intend to unsubscribe and if you are charging the answer I am looking for then what you are doing is a manipulation by sending email like this. Yes I am angry with the way this seems to be operated so I would be most gratiful for your input thanks Joan

    • Dear Joan,
      Thank you for showing me your anger! I am very sorry, but I haven’t seen your emails with questions! Did you send them to this website?

      All you need to do is instructed on this website. There is no charge.
      Look at the instruction video and you will know exactly what to do! It works through stroking your hands. When you look at the video you will understand.
      You can also subscribe to the 6 weeks guidance emails on the home page. No charge. You then get a very short email every day with more explanation.

      Good luck and thanks for sending me this last chance!
      Mireille Mettes

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