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  1. I know I have a lot of fear that I working on, but my question is this…while doing the MIR method are hidden issues going to come up or just go away without me even knowing what the fear was? If it does come to the surface what do I do with it… forgive myself, recognize the fear and let it go…and does it go away with the MIR method or is there something I need to be doing along with it. Thanks for sharing your special gifts

    • Dear Ann,
      Yes, sometimes old emotions resurface. As if your subconscience wants you to have a last look or to learn something from it. You can then do the 9 steps one extra time, holding your hand on the place where you sense the emotion coming from. Have a look at this article for this extra technique: “120. An Extra MIR-Method Technique.” Fear is often in the stomach or chest and sadness is often in the throat. It is all different with all people, so please feel where in your body is the emotion.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

      • This is perfect I am going to try this…my area of concern is around my thymus (chest area)..just so I get this right, I place my left hand on my thymus and stroke that hand with my right, or are you saying instead of stroking the top of the hand I can just stroke the skin of my chest/thymus area? Thanks again Mireille

        • Dear Ann,
          To be precise: both your suggested ways work! Always stroke skin on skin, so yes, you can stroke directly on the skin of your chest. However, should you start to feel other sensations on other body parts, then you should continu with both hands, one on top of the other, just like you described.
          Good luck!
          Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. After a very stressful period in my life I recently started doing the MIR method everyday twice a day. My body automatically gave up caffeine drinks so I drank hot water instead for a full week and now just have one cup of tea very occasionally. I have felt emotional but far more balanced within I am off medication and sleep better. I haven’t finished the month yet but intend to do so, and I am grateful that a friend from Switzerland recommended this to me. Sincere gratitude.

    • Dear Kathie,
      Such wonderful results you have created in your body & life! Well done! Could you tell me what kind of medication you took, what for? If you want to share, that is…
      I am very happy you sleep so much better, because sleep is like the huge fundament under our health. Happy for you!
      Greetings! Mireille Mettes

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