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120. An Extra MIR-Method Technique — 23 Comments

  1. Excellent Technique…. This is healing so many people across the world …. God bless you with Love, Light and Power.

  2. Thank you so much Mireille. This little extra really does the trick!
    Groetjes, Isabel

  3. Hi, I usually do the MIR-Method at bedtime and I usually sleep without clothes. So I start by rubbing one hand over the other (right on left) on my belly but by the 4th step my hands start wondering all over my arms, shoulder and on.I finish by rubbing both hands. Time after time I also start yawning even after all this time.
    still working on finding myself. TX Diana

    • Dear Diana,
      Looks like you are lovingly caressing yourself! Good that you start to yawn. That means you’re letting go!
      Hope you will find yourself more and more!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

    • Dear E.,
      Yes, that is a good idea! The video is already in Dutch available. Let me make some subtitles and I can post it. Thanks for your suggestion!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

      • Dear E.
        We managed to put English subtitles under this piece of a webinar. So, I speak in Dutch and you can read my explanation under the video. Hope this helps you to understand it better!
        Thank you for asking!
        Greetings, Mireille Mettes

        • Hello, thank you for all your work, so helpful.
          I wonder, where might I find the video you mention? Thank you!

          • Dear Devorah,
            I am sorry I don’t know what video you are referring to. Maybe you are looking for this one? Except, that is a video in which I speak Dutch. But you can clearly see what I mean with using this extra technique of the MIR-Method. So maybe you would want to take a look?
            Greetings, Mireille

  4. Yesterday I was cooking and cleaning around the house and noticed some headache twinges. I seldom get headaches, but noticed this feeling several more times within a short period of time. I sat down and relaxed–again, the sensation in my left crown area of my head. I immediately placed my right hand over my head and began the MIR-Method technique. I felt immediate relief! I have yet to have felt another twinge in my head!
    This is WHY I will continue MIR-Method and tell others! It has been 16 months I have practiced this and I am cancer free and regaining my strength after radiation and chemotherapy last year!

    • Dear Nancy,
      I am SO glad for you that you can use the MIR-Method in such a practical way AND listen so kindly to your body! And what a journey you have gone through. How wonderful you are cancer free! May you continu to regain your strength!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  5. I should think a lot of us who like your = the MIR Method already practice some form of hands on healing so seems a natural step the 120 to include hands on areas where needed.
    I made a break from doing it every day so will start again with this technique. still drink my lemon juice most mornings and hope it balances out the glass of wine I like in the evening

    • Dear Pamela,
      Yes, a funny and small step extra to the MIR-Method, isn’t it? I hope you notice some more difference when you do it this way. Am glad you take that lemon juice. As I understand, it is such a valuable and healthy juice!
      Keep going and hope you will want to share it with other people in Germany. Vielen Dank!
      Greetings Mireille Mettes

  6. Dear Mireille!

    Somebodys cursed me and my family.Our life is full of trouble and tragedy. The last 20 years was suffering and our future doesnt look better.I feel miserable because of it.What could the MIR-Method do about it?

    Warm regards,

    • Dear Ida,
      With the MIR-Method you strengthen yourself at any level. You detox yourself, including curses, thoughts, emotions. Meanwhile your self esteem and heart energy will grow so much that nobody has any influence on you anymore. Keep trusting your inner strength, because it is still there. Please also watch the video ‘Seeding your self love with the MIR-Method.’
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  7. Thank you! I will definitely try this. I have had wonderful success using the MIR Method in the past.

    • Dear Ingrid,
      Thank you for trying it. I think it really adds to the MIR-Method results. Please let me know what differences you have noticed!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  8. I was so glad to read this. I did this technique myself last year. I had pain in my right breast — so I laid my left hand on my breast and stroked it with my right hand while going through the nine steps. It took awhile, but the pain did go away and a subsequent mammogram did not show any issues. I was grateful for the knowledge about the MIR-Method — and felt comfortable making this adjustment in technique. Glad to hear that others have too.

    • Dear Mary Ann,
      Yes, see it is all in our own intuition already! Great that you also invented this application. I am very glad for you that your breast is fine! Yes, could to be affirmed that your idea and intuition was on the right, track, huh! Is a thumbs up for your intuition!
      Mireille Mettes

  9. Yes I discovered this myself too, while doing the 9 steps. It started with step 8: I automatically placed my fingers from the hand below on my 3rd eye, between my eyebrows, while Optimising Chakras and Aura. And Step 6: Balancing Hormone system, My hands moved instinctively to my belly 🙂

    Lots of love, Denise

    • Dear Denise,
      So great that you also invented this yourself. It is human instinct and probably a nature’s law to use the MIR-Method this way. Wonderful!
      Hope you have good results!
      Mireille Mettes

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