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114. How Much Camouflage Do You Still Need? — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Mireille, you’re hitting the nail on the head time and time again. And no the right moment.
    You are doing a fantastic job .iam grateful that I came in contact with your work and have your method incorporated in my life, and pass it on. Do you have a contact person in Curacao ?

    • Dear Andre,
      Thank you for embracing the MIR-Method and your kind words! No, we don’t have a contact person in Curacao. Contact us if you know someone! I thought the 9 steps of the MIR-Method were also in Papiamentu on the English website, but they weren’t! I just posted them. Maybe you can share them with people in Curacao?
      Greetings! Mireille Mettes

  2. “….I have always worn make-up, like I would not be caught dead without it! I also felt like I had to have on a ‘full’ face before I went anywhere, I colored my hair….all this is fine, and I was not really overboard on it, but still, there. Then I had a bout of breast cancer and started MIR-method at the same time as the radiation and chemotherapy. All through those treatments I did MIR-Method and gradually I noticed positive little changes. I lost all my hair, went totally bald. Too hot to wear a wig, so, I wore hats. But what I have noticed is at 70 years old, I now embrace the silver hair, and feel such freedom! It is okay to be seen without makeup, I look in the mirror and the wrinkles are a badge of honor! I am here, I am cancer free, I am me! This is who I am and less is more. I truly feel it is spilling over to all areas of my life. I will always choose good grooming, that is in perspective and ‘blush’ is fine, but I am fine without it, too….thank you for freeing me up for the more important things in this journey of life. Blessings to you! Wearing camouflage is such burden if you MUST dress in it first….Peace!

  3. Dear Mireille,

    I’ve been willing to write about the impact of your method on me for a while (I’ve been doing it for more than 2 months now). Surprisingly, I realized yesterday that I was actually trying to preserve people by making choices that were not good for me, and hiding behind that. I was wondering why it is so important for me to fit in, why I was able to restrain myself so that people likes me ? Who will be there at the end of my life when I regret all the things I did not dare do because I was afraid to take a place or thinking other people are better than me at doing these things ? And today, there is you article about camouflage, what a coincidence ! Since i’ve started your method, many things happened to me, innerly. It does not show yet that much in my life, but I’m sure it will soon. And I’ve started to experience a feeling of security I’ve been looking for a long time ago. So thank you really for your contribution. And your support.

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