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  1. I’ve come to realize over the years since I was introduced online to MIR that, though I used to think this was silly (though I tried it but not routinely) and then disbanded it, that I’ve figured out how to employ a similar concept, through desperation to keep my sanity and not sink deeply into depression. I’ve been exposed to many methods professing to heal, much of it within the world of therapists, and they are greatly lacking. I have not been helped, I have been misunderstood, and the therapists within the health care industry (in the USA at least..) are lacking, and rather ignorant. It disturbs me greatly when I give them a chance and discover how damaging they are, how little they understand, and how one-track minded they are. We have a very damaged system with very damaged people operating. I have found one must find themselves and indeed not become invisible as Mariel points to. I find the methods of employing healing is a mind/body connection which cannot be discounted. This is why a therapist who is unhealthy him or herself, imo, cannot help anyone. And I feel mean and superficial saying it because this is so misunderstood. But would you want an obese doctor treating you? Wouldn’t you wonder why this person cannot take care of herself and question trusting someone who neglects themselves orchestrating around your health? So… I’ve realized this after a lifetime that I have to get my body into the game. Not sure if it totally works but if I fool myself into it, incorporating what I’d like to believe and employing a method to act it out, I actually respond. I’ve been happier that day because my body knows something happened that day. I spoke to myself on the phone pretending it was someone I’m having issue with, and at the end of the day I felt better, somewhat satisfied I went through these motions of speaking , physically on the phone (to myself of course, not to them). It is called “pretend” but it is very important to put out our “pretend” mode. And artists have figured this out. I love artists and creatives. You know that there’s something called Method Acting, the Stanislavsky technique. He said smile and you’ll be happy. The action draws you into the emotion. So… I started pretending I was speaking on the phone to my daughter, or my mother, or a friend, having a good conversation, speaking into the phone as if I was hearing the kind of conversation I wished for, when I was at a desperately low point and those real conversations weren’t happening. And my body later on…or my mind or both…knew something happened. That is important. Because something did happen, in my body and brain.

    And so the MIR technique is along such lines. It works into the future, day by day. I think though, if I think about how I fooled myself, I get worse. But the reality is, we have to become visible to ourselves, and it’s really not fooling ourselves, it’s acting it out with ourselves. What do we want to hear? What can we inspire to happen? We don’t completely know how we humans operate do we? This moves us along into a plane of intention for ourselves, a vision of what we wish for, working out with ourselves instead of keeping it rolling inside our heads unrealized. The act of acting it out gives realization. We need realization in the physical realm. That’s what we are. We respond to any physical input and we can create that input for ourselves. This is not secret, this is how we are built. We live this way. So the stroking of the MIR-Method while speaking to ourselves the same thing in a repetition makes sense. Exactly what Mireille has us say, that’s another thing. How did she come up with these “mantras” ?

    I balked at the detaching of mother and father because I’m a mom and don’t want to be detached. However reasonable finding your own voice and life is, there’s something wrong with reveling in an uprooting like this. I believe what you say here is a cultural affectation. It’s important that you become your own person but to literally detach is not the idea. To allow freedom to wander and do your thing is good. I think there can be a sadness in celebrating a detachment without acknowledging the attachment. Again I think this is cultural, it’s Scandinavian thinking. A very liberal society. And in these societies there can be a huge amount of depression if there is too much detachment. Too much liberal thinking, .. too much “do your own thing”. The wording needs clarification. As it is here it’s too extreme and the misunderstanding can bring something cold into the equation, callous, dismissive. Cold. Like the far north. Don’t tell me cultures don’t play into this. This method is from the far north. Maybe rub the arm and say appreciate mother. Appreciate father. then you can detach. But it really needs a preface.

    • Dear Hope,
      Thank you for your elaborate response. Yes, to do the MIR-Method, it is a good idea to watch the instruction video first, to understand what is meant by the words of the 9 steps.
      When you say ‘detach father’, what it means is that you become untangled from your father’s emotions, ideas, lifestyle, etc. and you can live more independently from him. The consequence is that the connection between you and your father becomes better, improves, because you are no longer in each other’s hair.
      Wishing you lots of goodness in your life and thank you for using the MIR-Method!
      Greetings! Mireille

    • Dear Indira,
      Not yet. When I plan to give courses again, I will announce them in the newsletter. Thank you for asking!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. Mireille, I love the MIR Method. Even included in my book ‘Rejuvenate Naturally’ which is for sale on Amazon.com. Today I’m giving a workshop on Rejuvenation, and will be including this article and teaching the MIR Method. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    • Dear Katie,
      Many congratulations on your book! Great achievement! Thank you for including the MIR-Method and for helping bringing it to other people. May many people heal themselves!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. I love just doing the steps even tho I completed the 30 days, just seeing your face makes me smile.
    I have less allergies this Spring as I dig in the garden, very thankful for that.
    My granddaughter who is 13 has enjoyed the steps as well and even uses them on her many pets.
    I am painting again which is a huge improvement. Especially appreciate how you address these topics such as being more visible. In my family of origin I excelled at being invisible, was shy and now I know as well, clairvoyant. I have been in a 4 year program to develop these skills and now can take care of the sensitivities in a healthy way. Your steps, tho have given me another level of personal power and I really appreciate the wisdom of using kinesiology.
    Thank you so much for your insights.

    • Dear Beverly,
      Thank you so much for giving the MIR-Method a try! I am so happy for you that you can feel and notice how it works! I am grateful for you mentioning your clairvoyancy. I believe there are many more people who do not talk about this wonderful gift, although I believe if they would be open about it, they could be contributing to other people’s lives.
      Am glad your allergies have gone and you can enjoy working in the garden again! Yeah! Such bliss!
      Thank you for sharing!
      Mireille Mettes

  4. Bonjour et merci
    pas trop d’effets avec MIR-Méthode
    je viens de faire 2 mois,je fais une pause et je reprends !
    je désespère pas

    • Cher Patrick,
      Parfois ça dûre plus longtemps. Merci pour ayez patience!
      Bon courage,
      Mireille Mettes

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