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174. When Flowers Keep You Going — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Mirelle,
    I am always fascinated by flowers. I feel very happy and amazed whenever I look at them. I was told even when i was just older than a year i used to go after flowers where ever I find them and my parents used to find it very difficult to distract me. i used to want to have them no matter where they were. My father would pluck them from the bushes and let me have them, which made me smile. I am 40 and have the same feeling for flowers. It catches my attention be it the tiniest of them hidden in any wild bush. I keep pondering upon this feeling as to what is the significance of flowers. I feel these are the expressions of god.

  2. The rose, Peace, was a favourite of my wonderful father-in-law, who was such a happy and positive man, so it always reminds me of him. Forget-me-nots were the flowers on the front of a greeting card which I bought for my mother when I was a child I think of and which I have never forgotten.
    I think of all the lovely flowers, in many bouquets, which my wonderful children have bought for me over many years and the joy and happiness that filled my heart when I recieived then and it still fills my heart with love to remember them.
    I now have come to rely on the MIRmethod to help me when I feel I need a boost of energy and love.

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