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169. Reliving is Bad for Your Health! — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Mireille,
    I have not yet done the full MIR-Method (I have struggled to follow thru on anything consistently) but I really appreciate your articles & Method nontheless. I am making a 6 week list to put on my bathroom wall to cross off daily so I will finally be consistent in following thru on it. I believe what you say in this article & at the same time my experience has been that it is easier said than done (for me). However, I hope & expect that to change for the better by doing your method. Thank you so much I am starting today & will let you know when I finish. Hugs to you

    Also, I experienced Narcissistic abuse to the point I had to remove myself from it while I could still function. I was believed by none of my friends & family for 9 years. I suspect there are many people with an experience like mine that could benefit from your method.

  2. Bonjour Mireille,
    Connaissez-vous un therapist dans le nord de la Frrance qui fait votre formule en arabe?
    Ma maman vit dans le passé et j’ai Peur pour Elle.
    A bientot

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