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167. When “to Have to” Is Normal For You — 5 Comments

  1. From what you stated is a characteristic of people having fibromyalgia, I am surprised that I do not have that condition, because throughout my adulthood, especially in my marriage, of frequently saying that I “have to” do many things.

  2. my sister speaks.. only portugues She is from Brasil and love to read about MIR

    I cant find noting . I hope you can help~Thank you very much~Love and peace

  3. I have not used that phrase for very long time. childhood & adolescence were not an option & stumbling on my choice turned my decision from compelled to impelled. The MIR-Method is the only thing other than Bible I keep by my bedside. Thank you with all my heart

    • Dear Summer,
      Thank you for that huge compliment! I thank you for embracing it! Make it do you much good and to your loved ones!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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