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34. Why Bullies Bully — 4 Comments

  1. Good Day Mireille!
    I am very grateful for your gift of this article today.
    Yesterday my husband and and I where actually talking about bulling and about leaders intimiding their own people. I really feel strongly about this subject and now understand why.
    My own father Was and is a bully as well.
    This article has made me understand at a deeper level Many new aspects about this
    Love, BLessings and Healing to you always Mireille.

    • Dear Claire,
      I am SO happy for you about what you suddenly realized about your father! This is exactly why step 3 can be so important! It is one of the things that make people hide all their lives. I hope for you you can heal it all inside and you will flourish again!
      Greetings and love!
      Mireille Mettes

  2. Dear Mireille.
    Thank you for this beautiful article. I am doing the MIR-Method for 4 or 5 months now and this was the piece of the puzzle I was still missing. I never realized that being bullied had such an impact on me. After reading this, I realize that this has been a theme throughout my whole life. I was bullied as a child, but also as an adult. I never understood why, but was always very alert and suspicious of people. I didn’t get that and could never relax.
    Now I see it is because of the bullying!
    Because of this insight I can let it go now, be who I am, although nobody understands anything about me (that is the reason I was bullied I guess).
    From the deepest of my heart, thank you for this insight.
    Namasté, Marjolein

    • Dear Marjolein,
      I am very happy to hear how this article touched you! May you let go of all that bullying from the past and really radiate again! And I am very glad that you are different!
      With love,
      Mireile Mettes

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