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  1. Dear Mireille
    I started your method at the beginning of the plandemic & I supposed it helped me because I was the only one I knew personally thinking the way I did & I did not gave in at any time even though it was hard to be ostracized by the family & every body else. Pretty soon I realized I would not convince them & stopped trying to explain things they wouldn’t hear.
    Thank you very much for your gift to the world it was very generous of you. Good luck to the M I R method.

  2. Hi Mireille,

    What you say in this article is so so true and hit the nail on the head for me. I somewhere deep down still yearn for approval and wonder what peoe will think/say. But i know the MIR Method is helping me alot and thank you for all that you share with us. God bkess

  3. Hello– I got very sick once I started MIR— flu like symptoms — stopped doing it — have been trying to just do the 5 and 7 for two weeks – I find I can do it for 4-5-7 days — then I stop– I’ve been trying for awhile now- each time —can never get to 2 weeks. I really feel this will be helpful for me. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR OTHERS. BETSI

  4. Dear Mireille,
    Thank you for all what you are doing to help people to have a better life. I do deeply believe in all the goods effects of the MIR-Method and I am going it with my husband regularly since 10 months. However I do not see any improvement in my life. But I do not want to stop… I have recommended to friends… I do not know how come for me it seems not to work. Thank you

  5. Thank you for your wonderful work,the information your give is so helpful.
    I am feeling so much better, more peaceful and have more energy.
    My breathing problems are improving , my allergies are improving,
    but my bronchitus is not so good.
    do you ;have any advice for this?
    Thank you

    • Dear Millie,
      Please allow your body time to heal. I am very happy for you that your health is improving! Bronchitis is an inflammation and if your immune system isn’t fully functioning yet, it can take time to heal. The 9 steps all work together to improve your immune system, but this process can take several months. If you cough up mucus, that is a very good sign that your body is cleaning up. Please just continu the 9 steps and wish you good luck! If you get impatient, you can always ask for a consultation with a MIR-Method coach.
      Good luck!
      Mireille Mettes

  6. Dear Mireille!

    Would you write articles about panic attack or jealousy,women issues like problems with ovaries?

    Best regards,

    • Dear Jenny,
      Yes, I think those are great ideas, thank you. I did write about fear: ’12. Fear, What a Weird Emotion’. Jealousy is something I am working on right now. When I feel the message is complete, I will place it on the website. What kind of problems with ovaries are you suggesting? With fertility? That may be something else to discuss.
      Thank you for the suggestions,
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  7. Hello Mireille,
    I can really relate to this information! I was subjected to a LOT of verbal abuse(& some severe physical)as a child. It ruined my life on a few levels but therapy and Self-Help over the years are helping me to feel better…make progress. I am very glad to also have your MIR Method that I started in April! It’s early but I notice feeling more Self-confident.

    Blessings to you

    • Dear Char,
      I am very happy for you that you feel more self-confident. Great! Hope you can wipe out all that you had to endure in childhood! And that the real woman may come forward!
      Lots of good luck to you!
      Mireille Mettes

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