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106. Intense Regret? Stroke it Away! — 5 Comments

  1. Same here Mireille. Our family is very grateful to you for sharing this method with love and generosity. There have been immense changes in my partner and in me as well. We have been doing MIR since Oct and my husband is taking the best care of me while sick, by cooking fresh meals and making fresh juices for me that I never thought would happen this lifetime:) the changes I’m finding in our relationship feels like old garbage bring stripped away with our true selves stepping forward. My husband loves doing it so much now that he never forgets to do upon waking and before sleep. And he’s not someone who respects routine much:) Deep gratitude and love and light to you. Aparn

  2. I followed the instructions for the MIR Method 6 weeks ago – for 28 days and am pleased to say that my health difficulties are improving day by day and I am now able to remain calm even in trying circumstances. I have been able to let-go of a major regret from the past that has obviously impacted on my health and held me back from living my life fully…. This is continuing to change even though I have completed the prescribed 28 days…. I will however re-visit it in a couple of months…. :-)Thank you.

    • Dear Catharine,
      So great that you could let go of that old regret! It’s so not-useful to hold on to it. Well done! And yes, you can always pick up the MIR-Method again if you feel like it. So good to see the MIR-Method is in New Zealand, too! Please pass it forward to others! Thank you!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. Bonjour;
    *Certes les regrets sont en toute logique superflus mais vous ne pouvez pas effacer les conséquences dramatiques de vos actions passées et parfois vous les subissez toute vôtre vie et surtout celle des autres personnes impliquées par vos actions passées et croyez moi j’en sais quelque chose !
    Courtoisement Vôtre,

    • Bonjour Erwan,
      Non, c’est vraît, ce qui est passé, c’est passé, mais si tu peux ‘forgive yourself’ pour tes actions, c’est quand ta vie recommence. Je te souhaite bon courage! Je suis désolée pour tous qui est passé dans ta vie…
      Bon courage!
      Mireille Mettes

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