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47. Get Rid of Your Menstruation Problems! — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Mireille,

    Thank you for your method. I’ve learned about it and intuitively decided to try immediately. I’ve been practicing it for 2 weeks by now and can say I notice that it works. The first evidence was a sudden intermittent bleeding between periods that happened on the second day I started to apply the method. At first I was scared, because I had not read this article by that time and also the menstruations problems are not typical for me. After I found this article, I calmed down a little; furthermore I had a visit to my Gynecologist right at that time. The Gynecologist has not found any problem and all the tests arrived fine. Now I’m having my regular periods without any pain effects but the bleeding is more intense than usual. I really hope that my blood is getting cleaner. Another positive thing is that I’ve decreased consumption of chocolate and sweets significantly. During this two weeks period I have found some effective gymnastic techniques that is very good for the spine. Thank you very much once again and I continue practicing and observing.

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