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Newsletter MIR-Method September 2012 — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Mireille,

    I would like to thank you for sharing this beautiful process, it is becoming a close friend and trusted advisor. There are times when my mind might thing one thing, but as I practice the protocol I get a better understanding of where the reset is needed.

    Since class I have worked with animals, family, and friends. Most notably helping a friend learn to balance her adrenals and most recently helping a family as a loved one passed. In the later case steps 5 and 7 to the rescue. Before MIR I would remind one to breathe, with MIR we get to support at the strong intuitive level as well and support from within.

    Many thanks, many journies yet to share.

    Blessings friend,


    • Dear Ingrid,

      Thank you so much for translating them into Latvian! I will send you an email, so you can send them over.
      Thank you on behalf of all Latvian people!

      With love,
      Mireille Mettes

  2. Dear Mireille ,

    I was greatly impressed by your method and when I watch the video and listen to you I felt love to you because of your wish to help others.
    I told some of my friends about your method and began to practice it from the day I saw your video. It was September the first.
    At present I’ve notice that my inability to stop eating came to the end. Every time when I took food I couldn’t stop the process even when I felt that have enough. Now this bad habit came to the end. And it’s very good! I like such a change. At present it’s all I can say about influence of MIR. I’ll report you if I notice other changes, of course.

    With gratitude,

    • Dear Ludmilla,

      Thank you for your wonderful testimonial! I am very happy for you! Usually all the 9 steps work together and in the case of not being able to stop eating it is usually balanced by especially steps 3 and 6. Well done! Thank you for inspiring others by telling your story!

      With love,
      Mireille Mettes

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