Do you suffer from menopausal problems and have you noticed that they have improved because of the MIR-Method, or have they even disappeared altogether? That’s great! 

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2. How did the MIR-Method help you and what changes did it bring to your life? 

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Menopausal problems — 13 Comments

  1. Dear Mireille,
    I have been using the MIR-Method for 6 weeks now. I kept going after a month as I like it so much. From the very beginning I felt a shift happening. Before starting, I was suffering with feeling very unbalanced due to beginning of menopause, many hot flashes, exhaustion, mood swings and depression. Most of these symptoms have stabilised, I still get a few hot flashes now and then and can feel tired but it is quite miraculous, how peaceful and relaxed I feel on a daily basis. My mental state has improved tremendously which I am forever grateful for. Thank you so much Mireille for sharing this gift to mankind. I will continue to pass it around, as I believe if everyone did this we would definitely achieve world peace . Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. God bless you

    • Dear Jos,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! It is exactly what I hope the MIR-Method will bring: world peace. I can see so many people using the MIR-Method, thankfully. Estimated 100.000 people in the Netherlands and we have only just started to bring everything to the English speaking people in the world…

      What you did was excellent: continuing to use it! That is what I now recommend to everyone (see frequently asked questions): as long as you have complaints, keep on using it!

      Thank you for receiving my gift and for passing it around!
      Hope it brings you and your loved ones much, much good!
      Mireille Mettes

  2. Hi, my hot flashes recently started, usually at night.
    Have started the 9 steps again, but have not yet had much result, although I do feel better and stronger with the 9 steps. Sometimes I stop for a while but realize once in a while that I need to do it again. Hope that the hot flashes stay away….have to wait and see.

  3. After eight weeks of doing the MIR-Method, I suddenly had my period again. The last time was a year ago. I’m fifty years old now. I experienced it as a nice gesture from my body. I also noticed that certain sentences make me smile. All in all, it feels really good.

  4. Since I started doing the MIR-Method, I feel a much stronger need to move. I walk 3 ½ to 5 ½ miles a day with my dogs. I miss it when there’s a day that I can’t. I also noticed that my menopausal problems have settled down noticeably. I feel great.
    Hearty greetings,

  5. I’ve been doing the MIR-Method for a good 4 weeks now. I have chronic pain for which I’m being treated at a rehabilitation center. I’m doing much better now and I feel that the MIR-Method has contributed a lot to this; after a few days I didn’t have any hot flashes anymore!

  6. Hello everyone…
    I’d like to react to this method. “By chance” I landed on Mireille’s website. Daily I say the 9 steps. The reason I tried it is that I’ve so much trouble the past few months with my menstruation in terms of length and intensity of the bleeding and terrible long-lasting headaches. I’m familiar with these problems, but not all of them at once. After starting the MIR-Method (I do all the steps, but sometimes I mess up the order; is that a problem?), I started to have normal menstrual periods again within four days of my last menstruation. I’d love to never have another menstruation ever again. But I fondly look forward to the next “MIR” because it feels good. While I wrote this I suddenly started crying. I also got goose bumps. I know that there is a lot going on in my entire body and I thank Mireille with my whole heart, that the MIR-Method can be applied to so many people,
    Hearty greetings,

    • Hello Angela,
      The menstruation that you had within 4 days is probably a reaction to the MIR-Method, what’s called a worsening at the beginning and often happens when someone starts working with the MIR-Method. It is also possible that your headache worsens – these reactions are always temporary!
      The order in which the 9 steps are said actually is important; there is a special, tested structure built into them, which results in the 9 steps cooperating to create a renewed balance. If something gets left out or changed, you create an imbalance which can cause much stronger reactions, and that’s what we want to avoid!
      It would be handy for you to print out the text or write it down as a note, so you can read it aloud while stroking.
      Give your body time to get everything balanced again – be kind to yourself! There is indeed a lot going on in your body that can’t be seen on the outside, and that costs a lot of energy and time.
      Wishing you much strength and perseverance – be courageous!
      Hearty greetings, on behalf of Mireille Mettes
      Marja Kikstra
      MIR-Method coach in Enschede

  7. Hello Mireille,
    After 4 weeks of the MIR-Method, I am clearly noticing that I can stick up for myself better and (at least as important) that I am not only more sensitive in my work as haptotherapist, but that I also am able to use this in my work. This means that I spend less energy preventing mistakes and that I can use everything I have to offer to help clients to grow and heal. An important difference with much better and moving results. In addition, I have also noticed that I sleep better. I generally need long nights, what has been difficult for a long time because of menopause. How refreshing!
    Hearty greetings,

  8. I’ve been applying the MIR-Method since I started menopause and my hot flashes have completely disappeared. I do have to update it every few weeks, otherwise they come back. My intuition is also working much better and I get a lot of information through my dreams, so this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I taught the MIR-Method to my wife. In two weeks she completely eliminated problems with hot flashes which bothered her for a long time.

    Thank you Mireille.

  10. I’ve learned the MIR-Method now, too, and successfully applied it to hot flashes that had flared up again. Great isn’t?

  11. The MIR-Method gives me release, tranquility, strength and balance in my whole being. At the beginning the symptoms worsened, but especially the hormonal problems caused by menopause soon lessened. I sleep well again and feel good. In part through the MIR-Method my sensitivity can now express itself as strength and that has an effect on everything that I do.

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