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Newsletter MIR-Method April 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mireille,
    Thank you so much for sharing the MIR-Method with everyone. I have had depression and dizziness-vertigo off and on for about four years. Ater using the MIR-Method twice a day for a month I started to feel better. My dizziness improved to an occasional lightheadness. I have more energy than I’ve had for many years. I have a better outlook and I know that I am improving everyday. I have even started exercising and eating healthier. I intend to continue the MIR-Method weekly . I will keep you posted on my progress.
    Bless you

  2. Hello Mireille,

    Thank you so much for the news letter. I was introduced to the MIR method by my sister-in-law who lives in Holland and frequently visits Canada. I used the method faithfully for about one month. I believe it contributed to my having and appendicitis attack, which consequently required surgical intervention to remove the toxins.

    I am a Registered Therapeultic Touch Practitioner in the province of Ontario and intend to use the MIR method in my practice. It is after all an energy modality, which I know contributes to healing on many levels, spritually, emotionally, and physically.

    Regards, M.

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