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60. Clenched Jaws? 3 Tips for Loosening Them — 11 Comments

  1. Hi.
    Ive been trying to do the mir method now on & off for a good few years. Unfortunately, my concentrtion is not good & so I frequently forget! The jaw clenching really resonates with me, though. Also, I remember before there was a step ‘0’…. what is thant step..?
    Many thanks,

  2. Speaking of grinding teeth a nutritionist doctor told me this could be a sign of Parasites…..many people have parasites and do not know they have these….I wonder if the MIR-Method would get rid of parasites

    • Dear Trent,
      In principle, it should be able to get rid of parasites by doing the MIR-Method. In step 2 you tell your subconscious to get rid of all toxicity. That is including parasites. The other steps help your body to change to causes for the parasites to be there, because maybe at a subconscious level your body is ‘needing’ the parasites. For example, sometimes people WANT to get sick without realizing it.
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  3. I Love this! It makes no sense at all – and therefore – is all the more freeing!
    Thanks so much!

    • Dear Ruth,
      Yes, that is the funny part of it all! Do you know how I discovered it? Because of horses. A horse-lady explained that horses chew to release tension!
      Greetings! Mireille Mettes

  4. wonderful! a thing i’d like to add; at one time when i was not even able to open my jaw fully, a therapist suggested that i sing the first note ‘do’ of ‘do, re, mi, fa …’; in Indian music it’s ‘sa’; it worked!

    • Dear Vidula,
      Wonderful idea! I will test it myself too. I also notice that when I sing I immediately relax, so I believe your addition will work!
      Thank you!
      Mireille Mettes

  5. Thank you very much….
    I suppose if the jaw’s tension decreases, the body’s tension decreases too ?

    • Dear Martine,
      Yes, that’s exactly the case! So observe how your jaws are doing and you know how relaxed your body is!
      Good luck!

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