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    • Dear Sheila,
      Yes, you’re absolutely right! It wasn’t a typo, but it was’t translated. I changed it into ‘spleen’, because that is the English word for ‘milt’, which is Dutch.
      Thank you for correcting!
      Greetings, Mireille

  1. Hi Mireille❣

    I can relate with the Cinderella theme; as I have been overprotected by my mother; due to her culturally degenerated notions/fears suggesting that the female is vulnerable and easily bring shame to the whole family.

    I am walking a path of healing and integration for the last 30 years and have attracted men who were broken due to the pattern of wanting to heal my traumatised father who was a victim in second world war.

    …the above recipe is double trouble considering the fact I was brought up under confinement and the belief I am not strong, intelligent and productive; as these are qualities of the male to possess…what a mess…

    Well if we create our reality…then I have given myself an assignment that takes true bravery and perseverance to complete.

    Any suggestions for a particular step to practice?

    Loving blessings to you❣


    • Dear Maria,
      You’re on a wonderful path to extreme growth, since you are SO aware of your ‘slow start’ in life. Just keep going and look for other women that are strong and can be an example for you. Meanwhile keep healing yourself, considering you are of a younger generation and have different possibilities.
      Good luck! Wishing you wonderful growth into being a stronger woman!
      Mireille Mettes

  2. Dear Mireille!

    Is it important to add “attract the optimal partner” if you are single for a long time or it is not necessary ?I use the MIR-Method for 6 months now and the truth is that I still can not forget someone and it cause me so much pain.I can not move on with my life for years now.Which is weird for my family and its a shame.I dont know whats wrong with me.
    I also wonder and I dont really understand why does the MIR-Method work 19 months after doing it for 4 weeks?Will it take 19 months to clear negative things subconsciously?

    • Dear Zola,
      There is nothing wrong with you. You are just still ‘attached’ to your ex-partner. Just keep on doing the MIR-Method. With step 3 you detach yourself from your ex-partner, so you can go on again.

      No, it doesn’t take 19 months, but your body just continues working. However, I notice that when people use the MIR-Method much longer, they progress quicker!

      Yes, you can add the sentence you suggest, but always put it in front of the 9 steps! It is not really necessary, but it does help you focus on what you really want.

      I wish you lots of love AND a wonderful new partner!
      Mireille Mettes

  3. Hello dear,
    I wanted to tell you that I have aded in the end the important task for me: “attract the optimal partner” because I have been single for a while and since Im so independent its very difficult to find a equal partner for me.
    Thanks for the helpful 9 steps which Im doing with gratefulness

    • Dear Silvia,
      You can always add your own steps with the 9 steps. If you do, please state them as the very first step, not the last! I wish for you to find a wonderful partner who can love you, is independent like you and help you grow! When you do the MIR-Method with step 3 you will let go of the attachment to your parents, which will also help you make space for another person in your life. In step 4 ‘Clear meridians’ is also the Heart meridian. People who have a heart that is hurting, because somebody stepped on it, can have a blocked Heart meridian. If that is so, they find it hard to love someone again. So I am glad you do the MIR-Method and are willing to let someone into your life again! Let me know what happens! May you find great love again!
      With love,
      Mireille Mettes

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