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31. Your Teeth, the Gateway to Your Health — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Mireille

    Thanks so much for sharing this method. I have suffered from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks for 16 years and I’m always searching for ways to improve my condition. I have recently read that silver fillings in the teeth could contribute greatly to anxiety and other health problems. Should I have my fillings removed before starting the 9 steps…..would my body try to detox these fillings by itself if I go ahead with the 9 steps and possibly cause problems? I would love to give the 9 steps a try. Today I have finished 2 weeks of steps 5 and 7 and have seen promising results in this short space of time. I have regained my appetite during this period after losing my appetite and an unhealthy amount of weight for almost two years. I am feeling hopeful and positive and look forward to what is next.

    • Dear Salwah,
      So great to hear that you have regained your appetite! And no, don’t remove your fillings just yet. If they need to be taken out, you will get to a dentist anyway. But taking out the fillings also causes to get some of the filing ‘stuff’ into your body. Usually it is better to leave them in, until they need to be taken out.
      Hope all 9 steps will bring you something additionally good! I am already happy for you!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

    • Dear Flora,
      No, without teeth somebody can still be perfectly healthy. It may take some healing to restore the meridians in the gums if teeth were pulled out and didn’t fall out naturally. But often someone even gets healthier without teeth, because many teeth have plumbing or lots of unhealthy bacteria in them…
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  2. I’d just like to ad that it is difficult to determine if the dentist you go to is making sure the water lines they use to rinse your mouth has been sterilized. They did a story about that on our TV. So it explains why I used to always come down sick or chills after getting my teeth cleaned and it cause cause infection in the heart which did happen to me, but since I am psychic I did pin point my symptoms.
    I have now started doing “oil pulling” for my teeth. And your method is great!!!
    Janie Martin

    • Dear Janie,
      Thank you for your acknowledgement about my method! Yes, lots of things go on in a dentist’s practice. I didn’t know about the not-sterilized water. Thank you for letting me know! What I always straight after the appointment is use the MIR-Method. That helps me to clean everything up as soon as possible.
      Am glad you can take care of it your way!
      Greetings and thanks for sharing!
      Mireille Mettes

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