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93. Six Reasons for Water-Drinking Problems — 25 Comments

  1. I have a problem drinking water, i was raised drinking juice and soda, and drinking water is plain nasty to me, i’d rather be thirsty than drink water, I once drank 1/2 gallons a day a few months ago, on the 14th day of drinking water, i couldn’t drink anymore and gagged each time i drank some, i can now drink only 1 water bottle a day, but still it tastes so nasty, my mom has the same problem, but my sister and gma drink water every day.

    • Dear Emi,
      Could you maybe make an appointment with a MIR-Method coach to find out what is your resentment against water?
      It may be something you have experienced in childhood.
      Hope one day soon you will be able to drink water without any problem!
      Greetings, Mireille

  2. This is all absolutely nonsense!

    Water is not some miracle liquid. You can get all the fluid intake you need from drinking: juices, milks, sodas, etc.
    You do NOT need to drink just plain water. If you really cannot drink water then try flavouring it with something, even something as simple as a little bit of sugar or these new flavor crystals that you can put into water. That small change may be enough to allow you to drink the water and keep it down.
    There is a medical sensitivity to the minerals and electrolytes in water, which is most likely the cause of this problem for most of the people commenting on this website.
    Also, the so-called causes of why you have issues with water is just more nonsense. A fetus developing a fear of water because of the fluid sloshing around in the amniotic sac is ludicrous! How do you make this foolishness up?

    • Dear Fred,
      I kindly disagree with you. Have you studied the work of Dr. Batmanghelidj?
      Greetings, Mireille

  3. I want to drink water.
    But i can’t
    I can only drink 2to4 sip from a glass.
    Now i have skin issues.. My hair & skin are badly dry.
    Can you please help me

    • Dear Komal,
      Please look back into your life and find out if you have any traumas regarding water. If so, please continu doing the MIR-Method for another 4 weeks or consult a MIR-Method coach.
      Hope it will change soon, because your body really needs the water.
      Greetings, Mireille

  4. I’m a fourteen years old girl and I have developed anaemia due to my heavy bleeding my mom emphasizes on taking water but I just can’t, it makes my so stomach sick . She can’t understand that . What can I do?

    • Dear Annabel,
      Could you please ‘make peace’ with water? Somehow your body resents water. This can have many problems. You can caress your hands, while saying ‘water, water…’ just until you start to yawn. This may make your body more relaxed about drinking water.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille

  5. I want to drink water but when I drink it I vomit straight away. What should I do please replay my comment thanks.

    • Dear Saniyah,
      You obviously have a strong problem with water. Don’t force yourself, but use the MIR-Method to slowly diminish this averse reaction. If you can, consult a MIR-Method coach to find out what happened to you in your past regarding water. Or maybe you can remember it yourself?
      Wishing you good healing and the possibility to drink water again!
      Greetings, Mireille

  6. I hate the taste of water, can’t oblige my self to take it.I think the problem is genetic cause all the members of my family have the same issue. If it’s up to me I will consume a bottle 1.5 l in a week and It’s so challenging sometimes I won’t finish it .. What I did is buying the small bottles or small cap to trick my self or put something in it like lemon but still it’s so hard and I have no traumatic experiences I live in the desert no swimming experience or dentiste or even close to water

  7. I drink things but not water now my body’s always dry n sinuses. Cant draw blood from me. I drink a swallow or 2 occasionally nbd. But my body is really starting to tell me to get it together. I want to but water doesnt

  8. I dont drink water too.When i drink it i want it to be cold,or in a very fine glass,trasparent,or cold from a little plastic bottle…its weird isnt it?i am farid of sea too,that something will bite me,or somrthing bad will happen,i dont like bathing too so much,but when i go inot it then i like it….mayb e i dont like fluids.i have fluid retention bettwen my fat cells,after an inflammation i had,and still have it..i am skinny an dit dont seem like water retention,but maybe its from my thyroid too..what else should i do?I will start to drink water abd follow the MIR.My mother was very anxious and i think she made me to have trouble with water too.Anyway thanks for ur help again.Hugs.

  9. So, I have always hated water. I hate the taste (or lack of) and drinking it literally makes me bedridden for at least a week. This happens if I drink tap water, bottled water, flavoured, fizzy, etc. I found myself hating it before almost drowning as a child so now I only drink fizzy (carbonated) drinks, like Irn Bru or Diet Coke. My body seems to reject water unless it’s sourced from the juices of fruits, or the water used to create the fizzy drinks I mentioned. In September (2018), I drank a pint of water to prove my point and was physically unable to get out of bed for a little over a week. 19, no other health conditions other than having acid reflux, but that’s recent and probably has little to nothing to do eith my problem with water. Any idea?

    • Dear Joe,
      You must have had some kind of traumatic experience with water. Please consult a MIR-Method coach to find out what is was.
      Your body responds to water as if it is poison, because it wants to protect you from such harm ever again.
      Good luck and greetings, Mireille

  10. Thank you for writing this blog. I had forgotten an incident at the ocean when I was a teenager. It was a very traumatic event at that time in my life. And I didn’t really talk about it. More than 50 years later, I’m not drinking as much water as my body needs and not understanding why. When I do drink water I enjoy it, so I was wondering why I “forget” to drink it until I’m feeling thirsty. After reading this article I’m feeling it’s related to that feeling of
    almost drowning in the Ocean. Thank you for triggering this realization so I can process & release it.

  11. I don’t have any traumatic experiences with water but for a long time I’ve had trouble drinking it, I can take in a little at a time but if I drink too much like a full glass, I feel sick and nauseous. Please help I really don’t know what is affecting my water intake

    • Dear Kaitlyn,
      It is very likely that you DO have a bad memory with water, although you don’t remember. In the Netherlands, dentists use drills accompanied by water, for example. It can be as tiny as this example. Luckily, with the MIR-Method you do not need to find the exact cause. Just keep on doing the MIR-Method and you’ll find that water will start to feel pleasant for you.
      Good luck! Mireille Mettes

  12. im facing water drinking problem since two days. whenever i drink water it feels like i forgot how to drink it. feels like if i drink water my breath will stop. what to do please help

    • Dear Hamna,
      There’s probably an old issue that’s come up. Take the glass of water and do the 9 steps while holding it. It will heal your realtionship to water.
      Good luck!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  13. Dear sir/madam I have a wife that every time she drinks water spring water tap water bottle water she gets gases wind of the stomach and some times dirrahoa when she goes to the toilet so could you put me in the right direction as to what I need to at my wife is 82 years of age BRUCE HUSBAND

  14. i have gained some knowledge but my problem is i think from my stomach first i couldn’t
    drink cold or hot drinks then i had an ulcer after that when i drink water i feel like vomiting and the water stays for long in the stomach i feel a bulged

    • Dear Fullas,
      You obiously have a problem with water. Did you recognize any of the causes I write about above?
      Is the water in your country of good quality? If not, you may need to boil it first, then drink it.
      Hope you will start feeling better by doing the MIR-Method!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  15. I’ve learned a lot in reading this. Thanks for sharing this very informative post. The knowledge gained here will be very useful.

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