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  1. Dear Mireille,
    it is about time I send you a note of deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks… I started the MIR-Method on June 26 this year. Without planning it since then I have stopped drinking coffee, black tea and alcohol completely. I am not missing either and am trusting that my body knows what it needs and what not. Now I am just hoping it will be that easy with sugar as well ;o)

    In regards to space I am continuously chipping away at it, which can be tricky with three young children and a husband with an eye for “things that will be useful one day”.

    I have created several other good, fun habits and personal challenges since completing the initial six weeks and have encouraged my 13 year old daughter to try the method because she doesn’t sleep well (hasn’t for years). I am hopeful that my positive transformation will help her. I am telling many people here in Australia about the MIR Method, Mireille.

    What it did for me I describe as re-calibrating, cleansing and being the catalyst for transformation.

    Thank you so very much!


  2. Dear MM
    Thank you for all messages. Love them.
    As I’m advancing in age, want less things around the home are definitely helping me. Doing very well with de-cluttering. Love you dear❤️

  3. Your comments on space were just what I needed to hear. I have been wondering what basic needs were not being fulfilled. And one of them, for sure, is space. My husband is ill and is on the couch in our living room, which is connected to our kitchen. My room is right off the kitchen and I often feel I can’t get any space. I will rememdy that I think by closing my door more often, spending more time in my room alone. And I know other ideas will pop up as well.

    • Dear Ann,
      Yes, that’s how it works. People really need their personal space. Good of you to respect that and find ways. It is extra tough when you didn’t experience any space in your childhood, for example with a controlling mother.
      Keep up creating your own space!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

  4. Happy New Year and positive thoughts from (still sunny) Greece.
    I have just discovered your method and I’m really enthusiastic about it.
    As I consider myself quite an exhausted and burnt out organism, (due to long term cold, Raynaud’s syndrome, para sympathetic syndrome, recent severe backaches and allergic shock …etc etc) I hope that I have understood well that I shall start practicing ONLY steps 5 (shortages) and 7 (basic needs)for two weeks and then I should follow the 9 steps method for 4 weeks. Did I get it right ?
    What about repeating these two steps (or the whole method) more than twice a day , – I feel great comfort and relief if I do so and I can sense the unblocking procedure by ….. yawning 🙂 – can it be somehow harmful or perhaps cancels the cleansing results or simply there is not just a need…? what about any further free webinars , are there in your schedule…? Thank you in advance for your time and forthcoming and illuminating answers… !!! xxx

    • Dear Anastasia,
      I am so happy you embraced the MIR-Method! Hope you can tell as many people in Greece as possible! But that will come if you notice results in your health. Yes, you understood well to first start gently with only step 5 and 7. After two weeks you are then ready to start all 9 steps. And doing it more than twice a day is just no use, because your body and subconscious cannot work harder than it already does.
      Yes, there are webinars coming. I just need to plan some new dates, but it will come!
      Good luck and hope to hear how you are doing in a while!
      Greetings, Mireille Mettes

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